AQUARIUS CHILD Personality and hobbies

Find out what the Aquarius child is like, his hobbies and how to educate him. If your son was born between January 20 and February

AQUARIUS CHILD Personality and hobbies
AQUARIUS CHILD Personality and hobbies

Find out what the Aquarius child is like, his hobbies and how to educate him. If your son was born between January 20 and February 18, you have at home a being ruled by Uranus, the planet of the unpredictable. If you wonder what the Aquarius child is like, you have to know that life with him is anything but boring. Of course, they have a complex character: they are very intelligent, humanitarian and original. Find out what the Aquarius child is like and their compatibility.

The personality of the Aquarius child

Children born under the sign of Aquarius belong to the air element, that is, they are logical and very intelligent, but not very emotional. If you notice from a very young age that your Aquarius child is very curious about things, has a strong and independent personality and is not very affectionate, don't worry: it's his way of being!

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These little ones are born under the rule of Uranus, the planet of sudden changes and the dialectic between creation and destruction. Therefore, the soul of the Aquarius child is complex and subject to great stresses: sometimes they are sad and optimistic, and suddenly they change to an introspective and taciturn state.

However, in general, the Aquarius child is very social and often fills his house with friends. He is easy to relate to others and expresses himself without shyness, an outgoing character that also makes him curious and a lover of exploration.

Indeed, Aquarius children have an open mind and always want to discover new things, which is why they launch into new experiences without thinking too much. But at the same time, this need to feel free leads them to develop a premature independence that makes them resistant to any form of authority.

On the contrary, they are not very affectionate and sometimes the relationship with their parents or with their siblings is cold and distant. The best way to enter their world is through mind games and intellectual connection. They are also very dreamy children, so parents have to let their imagination run wild and enrich that utopian world.

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As they get older, Aquarius children develop one of their great virtues: the ability to see things from various angles, which makes them especially tolerant. They are very caring, and they commit to charitable causes naturally.

His hobbies include his passion for nature and contact with animals, as well as all kinds of artistic creation, as they are very modern and original.

The compatibility of the Aquarius child with parents

In many respects, Aquarius is a child so advanced to his age, so original and so up-to-date in everything, that he can get you out of position. Discover the compatibility of the Aquarius child with parents according to their zodiac sign.

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  1. Compatibility with Aries

For both the Aquarius child and the Aries parents, freedom is a non-negotiable value, and both carry within by nature an irrepressible will to live new experiences and take the risks of independence.

Aries mom or dad are ideal for giving Aquarius the courage and drive they lack, but one of their pending tasks is to set limits on the child's discipline.

  1. Compatibility with Taurus

Taurus parents tend to feel very insecure in the presence of the Aquarius child, because this shakes their foundations of security and permanence. Little by little they have to open up and accept the changes introduced by the Uranus revolution.

At the same time, Taurus mom or dad are ideal for setting Aquarian priorities and redirecting their talents along the path of pragmatism and constant effort.

  1. Compatibility with Gemini

Native Gemini fathers and mothers admire above all the originality of the Aquarius child, his modernity and his avant-garde. Aquarius children find a Gemini mom or dad a suggestive invitation to play and frivolity.

For someone as dreamy and utopian as the Aquarius child, the light-hearted Gemini universe is ideal, although Gemini will have to work hard to give the child a safe path in life.

  1. Compatibility with Cancer

The source of emotions and feelings of Cancer mom or dad is destabilized by the unpredictable world of the Aquarius child, who in turn is disconnected and overwhelmed with such sentimentality. They both seem too far apart.

However, Aquarius will value the protection network that a Cancer mother supposes, and with the patience of both they will achieve great complicity in the inner world.

  1. Compatibility with Leo

Leo parents are dominant and authoritarian, the prototypical figure of the tyrant that the Aquarius child has in mind and that he fears so much. But both have a noble heart and a great sense of justice, so they will learn together to set limits.

Furthermore, Leo can teach Aquarius to be more competitive and to become a leader. The Aquarius child has the instinct for freedom, but lacks the courage that fire offers.

  1. Compatibility with Virgo

In the Virgo personality there are all those aspects that can enrich the Aquarius genius and lead him to success: order, discipline, effort and, above all, a winning combination of optimism and pragmatism.

As long as Virgo remains in the role of protective mother, the Aquarius child will accept certain limits, but excessive criticism can stimulate his rebellion.

  1. Compatibility with Libra

The Libra mom or dad's sense of justice matches the Aquarian child's values, and they also connect in their sense of diplomacy and tolerance. But the Aquarius child's sudden changes will make Libra parents despair.

By their nature, the communication between them will be fluid, but they have a great personality and a very opposite sense of aesthetics. Conflicts will appear easily.

  1. Compatibility with Scorpio

The way of being Scorpio gives an important ascendant over the Aquarius child, who on the one hand will see few limits to his behavior and that can encourage his rebellion, but on the other he feels strongly intimidated by the aura of mystery that surrounds the scorpion.

Scorpio parents are also ideal for stimulating the intelligence of the Aquarius child. However, individual growth tends to stray too far from emotional.

  1. Compatibility with Sagittarius

The lack of emotional anchorage in the spirit of both, between the Sagittarius mother or father and the Aquarius child, leads to a relationship that is too rigid, full of tension and suspicions. However, the orderly character of the archer can be very helpful to the anarchic Aquarian.

In addition, Sagittarius can encourage the Aquarius child to practice sports activities, and both will enjoy fun excursions into nature.

  1. Compatibility with Capricorn

There is something in the soul of the little Aquarius that in itself amazes Capricorn, and in the same way, the personality of the Capricorn dad or mom is an example for the little Aquarius. Too bad one is staring at the clouds, and the other too clinging to it.

Capricorn mom or dad should rise to Aquarius yearning for freedom and dreaming spirit to teach him the value of security and selfless work.

  1. Compatibility with Aquarius

The Aquarius father or mother encourages the liberated, creative and transgressive soul of the Aquarian child, who sees in their parents a model to aspire to and a source of inspiration and freedom to find their own path with full independence.

In difficult times in life, however, you may feel the lack of a more pragmatic and efficient guide, or perhaps that sensitive soul with which to console yourself.

  1. Compatibility with Pisces

The excessive abstraction in which Pisces lives does not help, of course, to set priorities, order and pragmatism in the impulsive life of the Aquarius child. However, both share something that makes them connect: the rejection of all forms of authority.

Both of you will learn together, in life's wonderful, optimistic, and dreamy journey to set limits, share failures, and celebrate joys. A complicity like few others.

How to educate the Aquarius child?

To find the best answer to how to educate the Aquarius child, you have to bear in mind that you are in front of someone very special. Being very advanced, creative and unconventional children, they get bored with traditional pedagogical methods, and instead enjoy all kinds of games, challenges and activities in which they can overcome their limits.

In addition, if you always keep in mind that the Aquarian soul lives in a continuous desire for freedom and that among its great hobbies are nature and animals, you will do well to find a balance between discipline in the study and outdoor activities. In the forest or in the sea, you can also learn many things!

Among the main things to watch out for, is the rebellion of Aquarius. Due to their nature, they do not tolerate authority, especially when it is imposed arbitrarily. But you have to try to impose discipline from a very young age and set the limits well, but otherwise it will grow as a true tyrant.

Likewise, the Aquarius child is very intelligent, but at the same time he has many emotional deficiencies. Try to work with him on emotions from a very young age, and reinforce that altruistic and humanitarian potential that he carries in his personality. On the other hand, he is a very scattered child: help him to channel his intelligence through constant work and effort.

Finally, if your child is Aquarius, you have to be aware that you have a genius at home. Encourage his creative soul, but without being too critical or setting limits: he himself will discover his vocation, and will surprise you with his avant-garde creations.