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Apple working on a cheap version of the AirPods max

Apple working on a cheap version of the AirPods max
Apple working on a cheap version of the AirPods max

The AirPods Max have been a remarkable success for Apple. The headphones feature active noise cancellation alongside stereo level sound quality with studio reference models. The headphones come with a stand and seamless proprietary W2 chips that connect seamlessly between devices and let you enjoy and listen to music with no issues whatsoever. Currently, the AirPods Pro Max headphones are being worked upon with a few changes. However, the next Max are going to be lighter than their siblings and will weight about 384 grams. They will feature a plastic build and will be using machine textured aluminum ear cups and a stainless teel headband just like their previous cousin.

Surprisingly, the cheaper model will be priced at around $350 and will feature most of the features that the current AirPods Pro Max have. Currently, the headphones use Apple’s Adaptive EQ technology. This helps the headphones adjust the sound to fit and seal the ear cushions completely by measuring the signal of sound delivered to the user while also adjusting the low and mid frequencies in real time.

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This allows the headphones to bring rich audio that capture almost every detail. You can use the digital crown present on the headphones to switch between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode almost instantaneously. You can press the noise control with a single press. Currently, the AirPods Max will offer a battery life of up to 20 hours with high fidelity audio and talk time as well. Movie playback will also be a welcome feature with ANC and spatial audio enabled in the cheaper version of the AirPods Pro Max. Currently, Apple did receive a lot of critique about the pricing of the new headphones as $550 is quite a lot of money even for Apple standards.

So, producing a cheaper version while keeping most of the features intact should fare well for Apple. You can use the headphones with Bluetooth connectivity and they will of course offer the same seamless integration that the AirPods lineup is known for by Apple.