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Apple Airpods Pro – Prices Deals and Review

The Apple Airpods Pro have recently been reduced in price or atleast discounted by retailers such as Amazon for a whopping price of $199. This is the cheapest they have been yet and that is an almost $50 cut from the original pricing of $250. They are Apple’s premium version of the Airpods that have an extremely unique design, offer active noise cancellation (ANC) and have much better sound. These Airpods are sold alongside the originally brilliant GEN 2 Airpods which are no slouch in their own league.

The Apple Airpods Pro are extremely comfortable to wear as they inspire on the design of the original Airpods but allow the addition of silicon tips for better comfort. Moreover, they a narrower front and are designed even more ergonomically than before. So, they are especially wonderful for individuals who had issues with the previous Airpods not being as comfortable as they intended.

The main feature of the Airpods however, is the ANC or the active noise cancellation. Two microphone arrays on each Airpod Pro allow the headphones to seamlessly understand the noise and emit the exact wavelength back creating a destructive wave alongside Apple’s own AI software makes it so that you cannot hear anything in the background whatsoever. It is quite an experience to enjoy these Airpods Pro firsthand as there is honestly nothing like it.

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The airpods do feature a transparency mode for when you want to hear the outside world or are walking in traffic etc. Apple has also fitted these headphones with special vents aimed at equalizing pressure for a more comfortable feel. They have great battery life and are designed with Apple’s H1 chip which allow them to seamlessly integrate with any Apple device.

The Airpods Pro support wireless charging and are sweat dust and water resistance gaining an IPX4 rating. They have quite amazing sound quality compared to other headphones in the market and have good audio latency. Spatial audio is also possible for the Airpods Pro creating a wonderful surround sound experience for the headphones.