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An Overview of UWB Technology

An Overview of UWB Technology
An Overview of UWB Technology

UWB or Ultra Wide Band Technology is considered by most to be the next big thing when it comes to wireless technology. Samsung believes that it is something special – Like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Most experts believe that it is a game-changer when it comes to technology and that is why most companies are working efficiently in order to expand the horizons of this technology.

UWB in essence is an extremely short-range wireless protocol used for communication operating in the electromagnetic spectrum that emits high frequencies. This allows spatial awareness for mobile devices and allows them to understand their surroundings much better.

The benefits of UWB are endless, with spatial awareness, this means that one would be able to locate objects very quickly using their mobile phone such as finding a tv remote. Moreover, this would also mean that people would be able to locate and understand their surroundings better using their phone ass an object of reference.

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For example, people will be able to locate the parking spot much better or find somewhere to eat much more quickly. This is different than GPS technology as compared to UWB it is highly inaccurate and does not include as much information and small-time spatial awareness. Samsung has introduced many devices which include ultra-wide band technology.

These devices include the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the Fold 2. The benefits these devices get from this technology are endless. However, one advantage is the use of Nearby Share or enhancing the Smart Things Find feature which lets you understand where all your other Galaxy Devices are using UWB. Samsung believes that with the passage of time, people will no longer need to have keys as they too can be replaced with their phones using UWB technology to unlock their home, car etc.

The best thing about this technology in general is the fact that is has limitless potential and the possibilities for innovation are almost endless. UWB is a truly exciting technology and one can’t wait to see what will end up happening when this technology has been stretched to its limits.