Additional work for the student and student

earn your own money while studying at school or studying may be additional work undertaken on less than a full-time basis. 

Additional work for the student and student
Additional work for the student and student

The period of study at school or university is an intense time that usually does not allow you to take up a full-time job. At the same time, it is associated with quite large expenses, which include, for example, the costs of accommodation, meals and the purchase of teaching aids. In addition, there are small pleasures such as new clothes, cosmetics or parties, and no young person wants to deny himself these. A way to earn your own money while studying at school or studying may be additional work undertaken on less than a full-time basis.

  • What is a side job?
  • Ideas for additional work

    • Additional work via the Internet
    • Extra work at home
    • Other ideas for additional work

  • How to find a side job?
  • How much can you earn from extra work?
  • What to watch out for when looking for a side job?

What is a side job?

Additional work is one of the forms of employment that significantly differs from typical employment under a contract of employment. Sometimes it is referred to as freelancing, and the people who do it - freelancers. Its main features are:

Limited number of hours - additional work usually consumes from a few to several hours a week, while full-time work is 40 hours a week;

Short duration of the contract - additional work is often of a project nature; Employers are looking for employees who would relieve their teams during particularly hard work. Sometimes, however, additional work may take the form of permanent cooperation, as in the case of tutors or babysitters.

Civil law contract - in the case of additional work, the standard is to conclude a contract of mandate or a contract for specific specific work with the employee

Ideas for additional work

The additional job market is quite rich. It is easy to find activities that do not require previous experience, which should please students and students. We have compiled a list of the most popular additional jobs available on the market for you.

Additional work via the Internet

  • Copywriting is an activity consisting in creating various types of texts, e.g. articles for a blog, product descriptions for an online store or texts for a website. Many employers now expect copywriters to be able to write texts for SEO, i.e. search engine optimization. However, you can improve your competences in this field by taking advantage of free online courses.
  • Proofreading is an excellent job for students who speak English perfectly, e.g. students of humanities such as journalism. It consists in correcting the texts sent by the client in terms of grammar and style.
  • Translation - linguistic students and people who can demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language can try their hand at translating texts, transcribing recordings in a foreign language and creating subtitles for films.
  • Completing surveys - for survey companies, your opinions are worth their weight in gold. Many of them provide surveys on their websites, which usually concern the evaluation of some existing or new products. For completing the survey, you receive points that can be exchanged for money or vouchers to be redeemed in stores.
  • Remote tutoring - people who can share their knowledge are always included. If you have a talent for teaching other people and at the same time you do not want or cannot travel to your students' homes to classes, try working online There are also companies that hire teachers for remote traffic jams, especially from foreign languages.
  • Running websites in social media - more and more companies realize that effective communication with the client via social media is one of the keys to success. Young people who are active users of these pages and follow trends in this area are willingly employed to manage pages on Facebook or Instagram. The duties of a social media manager include, among others, creating and publishing content on company profiles, conducting correspondence with clients and creating advertising campaigns.
  • Creating graphics - hiring a professional graphics company is an expense that many entrepreneurs cannot afford. An alternative are orders for freelancers who will prepare the necessary banners, leaflets or articalers at a much lower price. If you have basic skills in using programs such as Photoshop or Corel, you can try to earn money this way.
  • Entering data - this work consists in entering the data provided by the client into the computer according to the rules established by him. The activity requires meticulousness and attention, but usually no previous experience is needed to perform it.
  • Online store service - The growing popularity of this branch of trade entails the development of the labor market, where simple orders appear, including creating product descriptions, inserting products into the store, running a chat with customers or replying to e-mails.
  • Web design - a job that requires both programming and design skills. However, higher employee competences are also associated with higher commission rates.
  • Product recommendation - you can also find this job on the Internet as word of mouth marketing, buzz marketing, gossip marketing and affiliate activities. Although the names are complicated, the task is simple and undemanding to experience. It's about recommending specific products on forums and on social media.

Extra work at home

Handicraft production - earrings, bracelets, bags or toys are just examples of products that people with an artistic soul create in their free time. These handicrafts can either be made for someone else's order or sold on your own.

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Home sewing - custom-made clothing and decorations are back in fashion. Taking orders for such services at home is an interesting way to earn additional income for people who can sew.

Baking and decorating cakes, cooking to order - this is a fairly popular service. Customers are looking for people who are able to prepare delicious meals for family parties at prices lower than those in the restaurant. The beginnings in such work are certainly difficult, because you need to build the trust of recipients, but if your customers like your products, there should be no problems with subsequent orders.

Tutoring - Traditional in-home tutoring is still very popular. For one hour of classes, a student can earn (depending on experience, level and city). It is worth looking for students on dedicated groups on Facebook, websites gathering students and tutors, as well as using traditional methods (for example by hanging advertisements).

Other ideas for additional work

Courier / driver - Uber and FreeNow are one of the many companies for which a young man with a bicycle or a car can successfully work. The job is to deliver food from a restaurant (for UberEats) or to be a driver (Uber) and is very flexible. Employees independently define their availability in schedules.

Handing out leaflets - despite the rapidly developing methods of internet marketing, advertising using leaflets is still quite a popular method of acquiring customers, especially in tourist destinations and large cities.

Waiter / Bartender - In student cities, working in bars, restaurants and cafes can be a great opportunity for young people. The premises are often looking for employees for holidays and weekends, which, together with tips, allow you to get a pretty good salary.

Childcare - the work of a babysitter / caregiver enjoys unwavering popularity. At the same time, it must be admitted that it is a very responsible and difficult job.

Hostess - an activity popular especially among young women. It consists in promoting a specific product or assisting at gala, fairs and celebrations. In the recruitment process, principals often use the criterion of the candidate's appearance. Growth is especially important.

Statistics - work suitable for people who are not ashamed to appear on the big screen. Statisticians are wanted for films, series and commercials. Castings are organized much more often in large cities. Such work for a talented young artist can be an opportunity to excel and start a professional career.

Work in a call center

How to find a side job?

The richest source of additional job offers is, of course, the Internet. It is worth looking for ads in the field of copywriting, translation and transcription on special portals for freelancers and linguists, such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr or Hiresine. Dedicated portals are also worth visiting when we want to solve paid surveys. You can find many additional jobs on site such as OLX, as well as on Facebook groups. It is also worth taking a look at popular portals with job offers, where you can filter out offers for freelancers.

How much can you earn from extra work?

It is difficult to give a simple answer to this question. A lot depends on what activity you undertake and on what level of difficulty it is. Usually, you will be paid for extra work on an hourly basis - for every hour you work. However, employers' practices are different. The dishonest will try to offer lower wages or manipulate working time. You should pay attention to such practices. A higher rate is payable for orders requiring higher competencies. Examples include the already mentioned tutoring or participation in advertising, for which you can earn even several hundred.

What to watch out for when looking for a side job?

Extra work has many advantages. One of them is the ability to work as long as the busy life of a student or student allows, as well as the flexibility offered by many such classes. Additional work is also an ideal opportunity to gain first professional experience and acquire competences important on the labor market. Ultimately, extra work is an important lesson in responsibility and a source of satisfaction from the first money you earn yourself. When looking for a side job, however, you need to pay attention to a few details to avoid disappointment:

  • Settlement method - Before you start working, you should be clear about what rate you are working for, what the terms of accepting the assignment are, and when you will be paid.
  • Sharing personal data - offers that require providing a Registration number, sending a scan of an ID card, providing a credit card number or making an authorization transfer should raise your vigilance. They can be used to extort your personal data or gain access to your money.
  • Working illegally - remember that a verbal agreement does not mean anything. Make sure that the terms and conditions of employment are clearly specified in the contract of mandate or contract for specific work. If you create something for the client (text, graphics), also make sure that the contract specifies who will own the copyright to these works.