74 evincible ways to freshen up at work

cares about how many changes you have as long as you do not have the same clothes twice a week. 74 evincible ways to freshen up at work.

74 evincible ways to freshen up at work
74 evincible ways to freshen up at work

The right clothes make it more fun at work. If something you wear at work makes you feel too fat, too thin, too old or something else you do not like - throw away those clothes. Even if you have a strict clothing budget, it is not worth keeping clothes that you do not like yourself in. Your job is greatly affected by your self-esteem. Actually, you only need five different replacements for the job. No one notices or cares about how many changes you have as long as you do not have the same clothes twice a week. 74 evincible ways to freshen up at work.

  1. 2. Find inspiration by looking for a personal role model and learn how he or she got to where he she is now.
  2. 3. It is not the hours you put into the job that count, but it is the job that you put into the hours. Do good things that lead you forward, and everything will be much more fun.
  3. 4. What is the problem? You will get better results if you sit down and define a problem before you try to solve it. A problem that is well defined is half solved.
  4. Take ten minutes. The next time you can not get started on a project, tell yourself to just do it for ten minutes. It is very likely that you will continue to move forward once you have started. Also keep in mind that even if you only do something for ten minutes, you have taken an important step forward.
  5. Reorganize. Can you reorganize your office or office space? Sometimes it can be enough to move a little to make the job easier and more fun. You may be able to buy a painting that makes you feel good, take pictures from the holidays or pick with other things that you appreciate having around you.
  6. Give away a gift. Why not give a gift to someone tomorrow by helping someone who has a lot to do? You can also give someone praise that does not usually get it, but that is really worth paying attention to. Make other people's everyday lives more fun, so will yours.
  7. Throw things out. Everything on your desk and in your drawers that is more than two years old must have a value for you to stay and take up space. It is very nice to get a fresh start after the holidays, other holidays and after the weekend. The last thing you need to do before you go home on Friday or go on holiday is a thorough cleansing, so that everything is fresh, new and fun when you get back to work.
  8. Think more about Win-Win situations. Win-win means that there is always a better solution than settling for compromises. Start thinking about how both parties can win instead of you pushing your solution down the throats of others and winning over them and vice versa. Try to come up with a completely different solution to a problem, so that both win. It works, but only if you make the effort.
  9. 10. Go that extra mile. Do twice as much as you normally do - just today. Instead of focusing on how much you have to do and how little you get paid for it, give everything you have just today. You will have fun.
  10. Help others. Helping others is definitely a way to have more fun at work. Who can you help today? Try to look at everything you do today as something that helps others instead of just something to check off on your to-do list.
  11. Learn to ask the question: "Could this be done automatically in some way"? before each task you have during the day. Look for ways to avoid doing things unnecessarily.
  12. Follow your call. If money and education were not an obstacle for you, what would you support yourself on then? If that's not what you're doing right now, start planning. Can you create aspects of what you want to do in your current job? Can you take a course in this area and start your own journey forward that way? Life is short. It's not waiting for anyone.
  13. I have a peculiarity and it is that I usually quickly ask new acquaintances what they would do if they suddenly received SEK 50 million. They always light up the question, but do not know that I fool them every time. So far I have not met a single person who would continue his job. They want to be potters, start their own business and do lots of other things. When I then ask them why they are not already doing that, I never get any good answers. What would you do if you got 50 million? Is it possible to do it without that money?
  14. Find your balance. Those who find the balance in life will also have a more enjoyable working life. Feel free to make a list of the areas in your life that you want to spend time on (career, family life, social life, own activities, leisure activities, etc.) and setup what you want to spend your time on. Compare what you prioritize now with how you spend your time today. Which deal do you spend the least time on? Which do you spend the most time on? Does it agree with what you think is important? For most people it does not and then it is good to see the list and do something about it. If you are happier in private, it will also be more fun at work.
  15. Reflect. If you want to feel better - think about where you were five years ago. Aren't you feeling better today?
  16. Some people work best if they make a school schedule for the job and divide their daily chores into blocks in an hour with breaks between blocks. Try it. It both creates a feeling that certain boring tasks do not become dominant over a day, but it also gives motivation to finish things in one hour.
  17. Practice saying no ten times a day. Saying no is often time-saving and if it is difficult for you, you simply have to practice it. A good way to say no is to add something that others can accept better.
  18. Get a hobby. Hobbies are a phenomenon that has disappeared for many people. You collect cards at the age of eleven or learn everything about horses. When you ask adults, they say that "The house takes all the time" or "I wish I could take up riding again". A hobby is there to indulge in lust-filled interests without restraint and with energy, regardless of whether it is about building a radio-controlled helicopter or taking a letter course in home decoration. Passionate about something other than work to make it more fun at work.
  19. A smart thing I always did when I wrote novels was to always stop when I thought it was the most fun instead of the other way around. That made it always fun to start writing the next day. Can you do that at your job - that is, to take that boring task and work your way into it until it becomes fun and then let it go, so that it becomes more fun when you take it up again? Attempt.
  20. If you can, choose tasks that are in harmony with your values ‹‹and interests.
  21. Become a mentor to someone. Find someone at work who can help you get better at something or who has a problem that you can solve.
  22. Get a balance plate to stand on when talking on the phone. Then you have something to concentrate on when the conversations get boring.
  23. Get a dartboard to have in the office. Invite your employees to a tournament.
  24. Buy Rubik's cube. Learn to solve it during boring phone calls.
  25. Buy juggling balls. Learn to juggle and do so during your micro breaks during the day. It's de-stressing.
  26. Challenge your employees to fold paper airplanes and see which one flies the longest / most beautiful.
  27. Lunch with a new person at least once a week. It gives new perspectives and if it is people from work, then you may get in touch with people who can make your job both easier and more fun.
  28. Use metaphors when explaining things. It makes them more interesting and easy to understand. For example, you can explain why project management is like getting married because¦
  29. Praise at least one person, so that everyone else hears every day.
  30. Introduce yourself to two people you do not know every day.
  31. Come to work earlier one day a week to talk to those who are always at work earlier.
  32. Come up with something that you can improve on the job in an hour. Then do it.
  33. Manage your time better. It is very important to both have time to work and to take it easy. I experience it as if people today stress around like dizzy chickens and neither get much done nor have time to relax.
  34. Challenge yourself. Most of us need challenges to make life exciting. Consider parts of your job as challenges that you must overcome and give yourself rewards if you succeed. Make sure that the challenges you give yourself can be achieved, so that you will not be disappointed in yourself.
  35. Get better. Working to get better makes you more productive and happier. People who stay up in life grow moss on it. Attend trainings, lectures and read books.
  36. What opportunities can you say yes to? Many people complain that their job only consists of routine, is boring and pointless, but they rarely make the effort to step out of their dull everyday costume and make sure to do something new and different. If your boss is asking for volunteers to do another job, why not offer to do it then?
  37. Build stronger relationships with your colleagues. If you work full time, you spend more hours with your colleagues than with almost everyone else you have around you in your life. Sometimes it can feel like you are stuck with a bunch of people you have nothing in common with, but if you take the time to get to know your colleagues, you will surely find common denominators and the job will be both more fun and easier. .
  38. Where in your life do you need to find a new balance? Sometimes it's actually not the job's fault that the stress comes. It could just as well be because you have too much that presses you in private life and which then discolors your feelings for the job. If you have too many commitments privately, you will eventually feel frustrated and down because you do not have any time left for yourself.
  39. If a task at work is really super boring, find out if you really need to do it. You may not have sorted your papers in a while, but does it really matter that much? Can you simply ignore it or pay or bribe someone else to do the job for you?
  40. Make boring jobs more challenging by doing them on time. Compete with yourself.
  41. Choose three unusual words and find a way to bring those words into a boring conversation with someone or in a meeting
  42. Find a reward that you will get when the boring job is done.
  43. Accept that some tasks are boring and do them anyway.
  44. If you can not quit or change department at your job, then you can dive deeper into the job. You can sign up for any course, committee or group you hear about. You can choose courses, lectures or activities that will help you get your dream job in the future. Nothing is impossible if you just stay active and moving.
  45. ‹‹Create a new job at work. This requires time and research, but it can work. You probably already know now what does not exist and what is needed and what the results would be if there were. Talk to your boss and show how you think. Show what is missing, what would be easier, how it would save or withdraw money and what is needed to get it started.
  46. Break your usual routines. If you work 9-5, try working 8-4 instead. If you always check your email first, do something else instead. Get off the bus at a stop sooner or later and see something new. Re-furnish the office. Change!
  47. Slow down to get faster. If you consciously take more time to think through your tasks before you start working and then make sure to also really complete them completely before you jump on the next task, then you will be happier.
  48. Lift away the negative thoughts with an exercise. The next time you think negatively, you should force yourself to think positively instead. So, "This is too difficult" becomes instead "I know everything I need to get this done". "This is a waste of time" becomes instead "What can I learn right now"?
  49. Are you a perfectionist? Are you depressing yourself because you are not doing everything as amazingly as you think you should? Then try to ask yourself if you are still not doing the best you can right now, especially considering everything else you have to do. Simply try to make it a goal to be the best you can be at that very moment and be happy with it.
  50. Make deposits to the "health account". See your physique, your emotions and your mental health as a bank account. Every time you eat badly, are negative and shitty towards yourself, you make a withdrawal that gives you a minus on the account. Every day that you get in you good food, sleep enough and think optimistically results in a deposit that gives you a plus on the account.
  51. When you do something difficult, boring or very time consuming, ask yourself what would happen if you did not do it. If the answer is nothing, or almost nothing, stop doing it.
  52. Turn problems into opportunities. Seriously, it sounds clichéd and cozy, but I've never worked for or for a company that really did this. Ask the question: "How can we solve this and what can we learn from it"?
  53. 54. Focus on what you like. Make a list of things you enjoy about your job and your workplace. Regularly look at this list as a reminder that there are things that are good about your job. The things you do not like, you can ask yourself how you can do to make them less hopeless or maybe even fun. Can you make them at a different time, to music on or can you talk to your boss about another possible solution? Challenge yourself with questions about how things can get better until you feel a difference in your attitude to the job.
  54. Look for a good motto to hang on a notice at your workplace. The motto helps you put things in perspective.
  55. Challenge yourself. Set a goal that you will not only reach but also break records with. A job can feel totally pointless, but you can always make it more challenging if you just want to.
  56. Create competitions. If you are bored at work, so are your colleagues. Try to create or suggest a contest. Tell your boss that the job makes you bored and that it affects your performance. Suggest a reward system. If you have a smart boss, he / she will grab the bait because it affects everyone's performance.
  57. Make a career plan - in a year you should not be where you are now. Maybe you should go somewhere else. YOU suddenly have a goal in sight.
  58. Break down larger jobs into smaller parts. It works very well for jobs that extend over several days. Breaking them into smaller pieces makes it easier to step in and out of work. It also makes it easier to cope with external disturbances.
  59. Use your best time of day in a more sensible way. Everyone has moments in the day when you do not feel at your best. What is the best time of day for you to really concentrate? Planning plays a big role in how soon you get boring jobs done. Doing a tedious task that requires concentration during your daily dips is not a good idea.
  60. Make sure you have fun things to do on the days that you have boring things to do. Doing a boring job for a few hours will not be as difficult if you know that the rest of the day will be more interesting.
  61. Try to work away the negative things you say to yourself. Sometimes, even before we do something, we decide to label the task as boring and difficult. That little voice in your head makes you feel bad and consumes all your energy. If you find yourself being negative, change gears and focus on all the good that you already have and all the good that you have already accomplished.
  62. Change lunch restaurant or if you bring food from home, start going out and eating at some lunch place sometimes to get variety.
  63. Make better use of your weekends, so that you are rested and ready when Monday comes. If you live in a villa, there are always things to do, but do not spend the whole weekend doing things that you do not have to do. Also, do not take on a lot of commitments that you do not really feel like doing. The point is, the weekend is here to give you energy. Make sure you can rest and relax. If you are completely exhausted after all the demands of the weekend, it is no wonder that the job also gets boring.
  64. Take a closer look at your working life. Are you happy with your job? Is there any way that would make you like the job even more? Not? Maybe it's time to change jobs?
  65. Try to get up earlier on Monday morning. You get extra time to read the newspaper and have breakfast in peace and quiet. If you have small children, you can try to get up earlier than them and be alone for a while before the week's rush begins.
  66. Feel free to exercise in the morning. A half-hour run or a brisk walk will help you see things from the bright side for the rest of the day. In addition, you get the training done and do not have all day to find excursions to avoid it later in the evening.
  67. Make a to-do list on Friday before you leave work, so you are ready on Monday morning. Try to do as much of the work as possible on Friday, so that you are ahead when Monday comes. Feel free to leave a fun task with which you can start the new work week.
  68. Find an activity to do on Monday night. You might meet a friend or start a hobby. Doing something fun on Monday nights makes you look forward to Mondays.
  69. Ask if you can get new tasks or help other employees with their projects to better learn to understand them. This impresses the boss, but it also gives yourself a valuable starting point for new challenges.
  70. If you have learned everything there is to learn about a job and a promotion is not likely, but the salary is good, the working hours work for you and the other benefits that exist appeal to you - then you may still have a good job. You can do it with your eyes closed and have the energy for your free time and everything else you want to do with your life. It can be worth a lot!
  71. 72. Everyone gets tired of their jobs sometimes. After all, life is largely a rather lukewarm dish and the job for you and me is to look for the highlights and capture them when they appear. Do you?
  72. 73. Boasting. Boasting can be a wonderfully effective way to make a work day more enjoyable. When you and your team are doing good things, tell them about it in an article or in an internal memo and spread the word. Show what difficulties you have overcome and how well you have worked together.
  73. 74. Keep track of your paperwork. Many small business owners, for example, hate bookkeeping, although it is not really that difficult. They make it difficult for themselves because they always have to look for documents and receipts. If you are like me and forget where you put your papers - have five places to put receipts on and buy five different staplers to get receipts together with vouchers.

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