7 things that dads can do better than moms

stronger bond with their mother than with their father. This statement is also true for animals. 7 things that dads can do better than moms.

7 things that dads can do better than moms
7 things that dads can do better than moms

In the process of raising children, dads can do certain things better than moms. For example, they are more likely to allow children to make mistakes and learn from them. It is believed that mothers always perform parental duties by default. They care for children, feed them, educate and protect them. This is called maternal instinct, and it is inherent in every mother. All children feel a stronger bond with their mother than with their father. This statement is also true for animals. 7 things that dads can do better than moms.

Dads are always accused of being rude to children. But in some cases, their role in raising a child is even greater than the role of the mother. It is they who show children the world around them and nurture in them courage in defending themselves.

People say: "Everyone can become a father, but not everyone can become a father." The father gives the child his name, but the father teaches the child to communicate with life. In other words, a father is the one who makes sure that his child remains worthy of his father's name.

Consider 7 things a father can do better than a mother.

Teach children to play sports

Dads have the strength to play active games with children. Dads like to fight and have funny fights. This instills in children a fighting spirit and forms a habit of overcoming problems. Children learn to play within established boundaries, develop physical skills and independence in solving problems. During the game, when the father tries to take the ball from the child, and develops patience and perseverance. She is interested in her dad, and she willingly continues the game, enjoying it.

Motivate the child to expand its boundaries

Many modern parents take excessive care of their children. A little protection and guardianship of parents is natural, but too much guardianship will not allow the child to learn from his own mistakes. Dads are more willing to let their children have fun. For example, the father allows the child to jump, and if the child falls - kisses her and encourages her to make the next jump. Dads take good care of the children, but do not intervene at the slightest danger, like mothers.

See the bigger picture

If the child is arguing with someone, the father does not interfere and allows the children to find out for themselves. But at the same time, he makes sure that the dispute does not escalate into violence or insults. It is impossible to say that the father ignores the situation, but he pays less attention to the little things. There is an opinion that dads do not know how to dress children: unlike moms, it is difficult for them to choose clothes so that all things fit together. However, they simply do not pay attention to such little things, believing that the main thing is that the child was warmly dressed.

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When the father teaches the child to do this or that job, he allows the child to do it on their own, without interfering. While the child is doing the work, he stands nearby and is ready to help physically rather than provide emotional support. If the child completes the task well, the father will appreciate it. There are few things in this world that can boost your self-esteem and self-esteem as much as words of gratitude heard from your father. The praise of the mother is also valuable, but the words of the father are special.

Teach in the game

To have fun with a child, dads usually feel equal to them. They run with children on puddles, not afraid to contaminate clothes. They play with children both on the playground and in front of a computer monitor. Dads are able to turn work into play and teach a child vital skills in a carefree playful manner. Dads teach children "not to try to save the whole world" and "to be yourself." They can teach a child math and physics, as well as drawing, fishing, and so on.

Separate emotions from discipline

Dads tend to practically look at the world. They anticipate the consequences of certain actions and see the rational side of things. They analyze situations, not treat them emotionally. It is impossible to say that mothers do worse, but mothers are more inclined to peacemaking. Mothers are more attached to their children, which makes them more emotional.

Children who get along well with dads often have good rational thinking and problem-solving skills as adults. They form a stable image of their own "I" and are able to withstand peer pressure. They also know how to concentrate well, which helps them learn.

Be a good example

Children see their father as an example to follow. Young children are easily changed: they perceive any information from their environment and imitate their relatives. If the father treats women with respect (especially with his wife and mother), then the sons unconsciously form a good attitude towards women, which will be manifested in the future. If the father helps the mother around the house, can cope with domestic difficulties and gets along well with the family, the children are also likely to show good behavior.

In some areas, men instinctively do better, and in some - women. This is the nature. Therefore, the controversy on the topic: "Who better to raise children - dad or mom?" do not make sense. But at certain moments, dads are really special and irreplaceable.