7 Sports Invented in the UK

version of what happened in the first place, but we can't deny that people in this country are very creative. 7 Sports Invented in the UK.

7 Sports Invented in the UK
7 Sports Invented in the UK

Some of the sports invented in England spread around the world and are popular elsewhere today.  In this article, we will describe the sports played around the world today and invented in England. Many of them are a "version" of what happened in the first place, but we can't deny that people in this country are very creative. 7 Sports Invented in the UK.

What are the sports invented in England?

Sport as a cultural, social and even economic symbol in the UK has always been important, but it played an important role in the early 20th century. These are sports invented in England:

  1. Football

Football is not a 100% British invention, but the way we play now was invented in England. In ancient Greece and some American civilizations there were games played with round objects.

Modern football started when the main lines and game rules were written. In the beginning, it was a very violent sport. It is said that the birth of today's football was in 1863, when the Football Federation met for the first time and wrote 14 basic rules. The first official tournament was played in England in 1871.

  1. Rugby, traditional among the sports invented in England

Born in England in the nineteenth century, this sport emerges from the rules of football, an adaptation of the violent carnival games of the time. For many years rugby has been said to be the second personality of football.

There is a saying that "Football is a game of gentlemen played by bad guys and rugby is a bully game played by gentlemen." The creator of Rugby was an English theology student named William Webb Ellis. In fact, the Rugby World Cup is named after him.

  1. Tennis

The first references to tennis are of French origin (known as Jeu de paume or "palm game" and is the forerunner of the basp pelota), in fact its invention was attributed to England after England added rackets to the game.

Initially, the game took place only on natural turf pitches; It continues to do so in the traditional Wimbledon tournament. It was also a special game for wealthy people in English-speaking countries. Today, we play almost anywhere in the world and it has been an Olympic sport since its first edition in 1896.

  1. Cricket

In Spanish it is known as "hand cricket" and is a sport of ball and bat (flat bat unlike baseball) in which two teams of eleven players face off. Cricket is played on an oval-shaped turf with an empty rectangular field in the center.

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It is one of the sports invented in England, but is also popular in Commonwealth countries. It is followed by large masses even in the Indian subcontinent. The common belief is that children invented it in the cities of Sussex and Kent during the Middle Ages and was practiced by Prince Edward of Nawenden.

  1. Golf

This delicate sport was first played in 1297 in the Netherlands. However, it was developed in the United Kingdom. The Gloucester Cathedral of England has a stained glass window showing the golfer in honor of an English fighter who is a fan of the sport.

In 1744 the first golfers' association was established in Scotland, and a year later in Great Britain, where the first arrangement was prepared. Golf took part in the 1900, 1904 and 2016 Olympics.

  1. Field Hockey

Although there are fields and traces that prove that field hockey has already existed in Egypt and Ireland, the country that is identified with its invention is England. At least that is the case in its modern version dated to 1886.

This sport's first club dates back to 1861 in London. At first, it was only for men, but women also began to play in 1880. The International Hockey Association was formed in 1886 and the first international matches took place in 1890. 1908 was part of the Olympic Games.

Table tennis, one of the most modern sports with foundations from England

The last of the sports invented in England is a derivative of this country's tennis. Due to the adverse climate of the island, players had to look for an option to be made indoors. So they prepared a table that mimicked the original court and also reduced the size of the ball and racquets.

In 1885 the first plays were played in British universities and in 1890 the table was patented. Table tennis was already popular in Europe and India in the early 20th century. In the 30s it reached Asian countries.