7 interesting facts about China

Today we will take the topic of Education and we are going to talk about 7 interesting facts about China. Students in elementary grades 2-5

7 interesting facts about China
7 interesting facts about China

Today we will take the topic of Education and we are going to talk about 7 interesting facts about China. Students in elementary grades 2-5 recently attended another event to celebrate learning Chinese. After completing each thematic unit, the Learning Celebrations offer both Chinese as an Additional Language (CAL) and Chinese as a Native Language (CFL) the opportunity to share what they have learned over the past few weeks.

Since the current topic of the study was "Chinese Traditions and Culture," the students focused on the many aspects and elements of China that make the country so unique. But what are some of these elements? As the oldest contiguous civilization in the world, there are countless cultural gems to explore.

1 pandas only fly with FedEx

Pandas are native to only a small region in southern China and have been shared with other countries to promote diplomacy and goodwill between nations. When a panda is born in captivity abroad, it is flown back to China, always by FedEx, where it is protected and cared for, as these beautiful bears are unfortunately endangered and only an estimated 1,800 remain in state. wild.

 2 Paper money first, WeChat Wallet second

Although China today is an increasingly cashless society, with digital payments on WeChat and Alipay becoming more common, it was actually the Chinese who invented paper money during the Tang Dynasty. Originating from other Chinese inventions (paper and printing), paper money was first created because merchants found the coins too difficult to carry in their pockets.

3 that? Just one time zone?

China and the continental United States are roughly the same size, while this part of the United States has four time zones, China only has one. This means that on any given day in Beijing, the sun may rise at 6:30 a.m., but the first morning doesn't start until 9 a.m. in the westernmost province of Xinjiang.

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4 Diversity display

Today, 92% of Chinese citizens are classified as Han ethnic Chinese, although the total population is made up of 56 ethnic groups, each with their own customs, dress, and languages. Some of the minorities are Mongols, Tus, Jugur, Yi, and Dai, making China one of the most diverse countries in the world.

5 A population of ping pong players

As the most popular recreational recreational sport in the country, there are more than 300 million ping pong players in China, almost the same number as the total population of the United States. Despite its popularity (and Chinese supremacy at the Olympics), table tennis was not invented in China; first came from the UK.

6 playing for Kaiser

Since China's most popular sport was invented in the UK, Britain's most popular sport was invented in China. Football, which was founded more than 2,000 years ago, dates back to the Han dynasty and was included in military training exercises. The sport was later perfected during the Tang and Song dynasties, when professional soccer players held the imperial court.

 7 Great train rides

With a length of more than 121,000 km, the Chinese railway network could go two times around the earth. In just one year, more than 2.3 billion passengers are transported. China is also home to the fastest speed.