7 family games with pencil and paper

Pencil and paper games are a very good option for fun with your family. Today we will present you several options where everyone will find

7 family games with pencil and paper
7 family games with pencil and paper

Pencil and paper games are a very good option for fun with your family. Today we will present you several options where everyone will find something for themselves.

It is normal for children to be bored. This boredom opens the way for creativity and ideas to get out of this state, even if they are bored at times and don't know what to do. Then their parents can help them by looking for home activities that can entertain everyone. What if you try to introduce pencil and paper games? It will surely be very fun!

We usually play board games, watch movies, spend our time playing on the console ... But interesting paper and pencil games can help the whole family to have a good time and also make the children think.

7 pencil and paper games for younger kids

Currently, when we have much more time for boredom and we lack ideas, these games can certainly save us from many problems. It should be remembered that they must be adapted to the age of the youngest in order to adjust the level of difficulty to their abilities.

Connect the dots in the picture

This game is a lot of fun and also helps to improve their reasoning. Even if we don't have amazing artistic abilities, we can definitely draw some simple things like orange, fish, bear etc.

We have to use the numbered points to make a drawing that we want to see after connecting these points. Tip: you can mark the shape very delicately with a pencil, then erase the silhouette and mark the points with numbers.

Children will have to trace the numbered points until they get a silhouette of the drawing. You will love this game by watching your child get excited about discovering what is behind these numbered dots.

Funny monster with a pencil

This game, besides being easy, will show your creativity. We will draw, so we will need a sheet of paper and a pencil.

The first player draws a monster's head. When it is finished, it folds the paper so that only the neck is visible. The next player will continue drawing the arms, the torso ... and then fold the paper again until only a small part of the drawing is left so that the next player can continue drawing the rest of the monster's body.

So we will continue until all participants draw something. When we're done, we unfold the piece of paper and our super monster appears. Children will love it and you will definitely have fun!

Who am I?

One player will draw a character or whatever comes to his mind, and the others must guess what's going on.

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Paper and pencil maze

Parents will draw a maze on a piece of paper, and our children will have to find a way out. On the one hand we will draw, for example, a child, rabbit or whatever comes to our mind, and on the other end a ball, carrots etc. The mission is to find the exit by drawing a line from the entrance to the exit of the maze.

7 pencil and paper games for older kids

Search for words with a pencil

We can buy ready-made letters for children or create them ourselves. Let's draw a square on the sheet and put the words vertically, horizontally and diagonally, and once we have them, fill the remaining gaps with single letters arranged in rows and columns.


Who has never played this game? The player must draw as many dashes as there are letters in the word that others have to guess. If we want the game to be easier, we can put a few letters from the beginning as a hint.

Players who have to guess take turns saying different letters. If they are in the word, great. If not, we begin to draw a hanged man, one body part for each wrong letter: head, torso, arm, arm, leg ...

And so on in a circle until it is completely drawn. If the players do not guess the word before the hanged man is finished, they lose because it took too long for them to guess the word.

States - cities

States - cities is a very fun game. At the top of the page that we place horizontally, we write different categories: countries, cities, fruits, names, colors, food, professions, etc.

At the beginning of the game, the player suggests a letter, and all players must find a word for each category that begins with that letter. When the first player has finished filling in all of their categories, the game pauses, even if the others have not finished yet. Then the points are counted.

Each correct answer gives 10 points, and if several players have the same word, they get 5. The game is played with the agreed number of rounds. The person with the most points on the account wins.

As you can see, we can play at home with very few materials. These pencil and paper games, in addition to being entertained, provide children with many benefits in terms of cognitive, reasoning, strategy and logic. Manual dexterity is also developed, vocabulary is acquired and creativity is developed. What are you waiting for to implement them?