7 best activities to connect with your teenager

Looking for ways to connect with your teen? Organize these activities and enjoy quality time with the family.

7 best activities to connect with your teenager
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Looking for ways to connect with your teen? Organize these activities and enjoy quality time with the family. What are the best activities to connect with your teenager? They are the ones that everyone can enjoy without feeling invaded or rejected. 7 best activities to connect with your teenager.

If you are currently going through the "teen experience" with your children, then you know that they need their space and their time of privacy. This does not mean that you should disconnect completely, but in fact quite the opposite. You should use your ingenuity and think of different strategies to always be present.

Here are some suggestions for fun activities you can plan to connect with your teen. You will find options for all tastes!

Activities to connect with your teenager: Family outings

Getting out of the house is a good opportunity to bond and take advantage of the neutral and relaxed terrain, such as through the following suggestions.

  1. Go see a movie, and eat out

This plan is a classic that can start with a family meeting to choose which movie to see at the cinema.

Let your children make their choice, respect it and follow them with real interest. Later, when you go to dinner at a place you all agree on, you can discuss the movie together, give them your opinion and ask them for theirs.

  1. Organize a cultural excursion

By the time children reach adolescence, they are already familiar with cultural issues and many have defined opinions regarding them.

If your kids love music, take them to a concert to hear their favorite singer or band. And if they love art, a trip to a museum will be great idea. There are also options for those who prefer science or technology, such as fairs or exhibitions.

In any case, these are bonding activities with your teen that will allow you to spend time together while learning more about their tastes and preferences.

  1. Plan a day in nature

The big world outside the front door offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities and sports that teenagers will love. Especially if they are fond of adventure.

Some of the outdoor plans most often chosen by young people are the following:

  • Climbing
  • White water rafting
  • Riding
  • Camping
  • Cycling on nature trails
  • Park visit with rides

  1. Go to an amusement park

We all have an inner child, which is why a visit to a fairground or an amusement park is a fun option at any age.

Ask your kids what kind of attractions they prefer and organize this family outing to spend some quality time together.

Activities at home: Connect through everyday things

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Staying at home is another option. And the best part? You can schedule some of the following activities to connect with your teens in just a few minutes.

  1. Prepare and share a meal

When the teenage years arrive, schedules for getting together as a family become more complicated. That's why it's good to take the opportunity to have lunch or dinner and turn it into a special time to share.

Ask your teens to help you prepare the meal or to cook it themselves. Then sit down together to enjoy it. And if you work as team to clean up its will best !

This activity creates a good connection, encourages fun conversations and creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere that encourages the exchange of ideas, opinions and projects.

  1. Share routines

It's a good idea to resume some of the routines that gave your teens peace of mind and security when they were young. For example, saying goodnight, reading together or talking for a while before you go to bed.

Maybe they won't let you hug them anymore, but a kiss or pat on the back is a gesture of affection and companionship that they value and need too.

  1. Take advantage of everyday activities

Every day, you can turn everyday activities into an opportunity to connect with your teenager.

These moments are priceless and can occur in such casual situations as walking the dog, driving to school, gardening or working out together.

Activities to Connect with Your Teen: How to Encourage Communication?

The activities we have shared are great, but remember that they alone do not create good bonds. You also need to facilitate the communication process with the teenagers, and for that we recommend the following:

  • Show attention, availability and interest.
  • Express yourself respectfully and don't minimize their feelings.
  • Accept their opinions, dreams and ideas.
  • Understand how they are and accept them as they are, despite your own wishes.
  • Support them unconditionally.
  • Teach them to disagree with all criteria.
  • Offer them support during their difficult moments and negative emotions.

The secret is to make the teenagers feel that you are there when they need you, and that they can rely on you, both to solve problems and to have a fun time during a family outing.