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6 Tips to pay the times of confinement with youngsters

6 Tips to pay the times of confinement with youngsters
6 Tips to pay the times of confinement with youngsters

How to cope with quarantine with children? Check out these tips that can help you get through the family confinement in the best possible way. With the closure of all schools as a measure to stop the spread of the Coronavirus in the affected countries, millions of boys and girls will have to stay at home. The question that arises for all families is how to occupy the time and spend the days of confinement with children in the best possible way. 6 Tips to pay the times of confinement with youngsters.

In addition, it has been studied that the situation of confinement at home for several days can generate a lot of psychological discomfort. We encourage you to read these tips that can help you through the quarantine as a family.

Positive coping

This is one of the most important points. We must focus on that we are doing something for the common good. Not to focus on not being allowed to leave, but on the fact that, thanks to our personal sacrifice, we are doing good for others. Also, children must understand why we should not leave home, not because of fear of contagion, but because in this way we are protecting other people from fragile health.

Plan a daily routine

Design a routine for ourselves and our family and try to stick to it. The advice to maintain a schedule and routine is essential. For example, in the morning the children can dedicate themselves to doing their homework, after eating they can watch a little TV and in the afternoon do some family activity.

Virtual classes through platforms

With easy-to-use educational platforms where kids can get ahead with distance learning. In addition, they allow the educational community not to lose daily contact with students, facilitate the submission of assignments and online learning.

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Keep active

Because these days the modality will be virtual classes for children and teleworking for parents, it is also important to look for manual activities and ways to spend time separated from the screens. Find some form of physical activity that you can do at home to keep your muscles active.

Contact with loved ones

Use technology to keep us together with our loved ones. In addition to being the one that keeps us connected to work and school, technology these days is working as a great ally to be aware of how our loved ones are. Try to always keep in touch so you don’t feel isolated.

Avoid over information

Not spending all day listening to news about the coronavirus, either through television, Twitter or Facebook because this can generate a lot of anxiety. It is advisable to choose a time of day to inform yourself of the situation, in the morning, in the afternoon or at night, but only once a day. It is not recommended to spend all the time updating the information minute by minute. It’s about keeping ourselves busy the rest of the day with activities that are not related to the topic.