6 major elements of equipment

motherboard, case and keyboard. Some of these components, such as a mouse or monitor, appear quickly. major elements of equipment.

6 major elements of equipment

The main elements of hardware are the monitor, mouse, hard drive, motherboard, case and keyboard. Some of these components, such as a mouse or monitor, appear quickly. major elements of equipment.

Others require the computer case to be open because they are delicate components that are added to protect against environmental hazards.

Although these elements are considered indispensable, there are some that are used only by custom, and others that can be replaced in some respects.

6 basic hardware elements

1- Monitor

A monitor is a medium that a computer uses to communicate with a user. For example, when you write words in a text program, they appear on the monitor screen, so you know that your computer has registered them correctly.

This item can also be used as a TV or even as a movie screen.

2 - Mouse

After its introduction in 1964, the mouse slowly reached the rank of an important component of a computer installation. It is used to move the arrow through the screen that controls the graphical elements of the program. However, this is not an absolutely necessary element. Many computers of the past and specialized computers, such as servers, were processed and still controlled only by the keyboard.

3- Keyboard

Since the beginning of the commercialization of computers, the keyboard is the most important component for user communication with the machine.

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Although the mouse is being replaced by touch screen technology in some types of computers, the keyboard remains important and even included in digital format.

4- building

The case protects the internal elements of the computer from environmental hazards.

The most common case is a black aluminum box with fans, but there are countless variations of housing design.

5- Motherboard

A motherboard is an internal piece of hardware that corresponds to the center of a computer. This is the central place where all the internal elements are interconnected. The motherboard has RAM, which the computer uses to quickly store and retrieve information. There is also a process unit that performs all the necessary calculations; and the video card required to transmit graphics information to the monitor.

The motherboard and most of the components that are part of it are required for the computer to work.

6- Hard disk

The most direct information for the user is stored on the hard disk. This disk allows you to store data for a long time. The hard drive looks like a metal box. In the past, most hard drives contained memory sticks.

Currently, SSDs are popular that use microchips to store information.