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6 effective ways to teach a child to play sports

6 effective ways to teach a child to play sports

Tips for parents on how to teach a child to play sports and physical activity

Does your child prefer computer games to sports? Is she not interested in playing football and other sports? Is her physical shape imperfect, and because of that she is ashamed? Whatever the reason, if a child does not like sports, it is very difficult to motivate.

Teachings will not help. You may worry that if you do not enroll your child in a sports section or teach him or her to play sports, it will be too late. But in reality, parents have more opportunities than they think.

There are some tricks to help your child become more physically active. This will be of great benefit, even if the child does not dream of becoming a football player.

  1. Remember that children do not need the same physical exercises as adults

For you, a full workout can mean 30 minutes of running or that you burn a certain amount of calories. But children behave differently. Training for a child is a series of exercises or movements that do not have to be repeated.

Therefore, if you want to teach your child to train, become for her not a coach, but a partner in the game. Do not force her to run with you in the morning, instead invite her to play football or another game on the sports field. In such games, you get a triple benefit: accustom the child to sports, be active and strengthen the emotional connection with the child.

  1. Tell your child about the benefits of exercise

You don’t need to persuade your child to change their hobbies or interests. Just help her understand that physical activity helps her feel better in different areas of life. For example, if your child enjoys math or reading books, tell them that exercise develops the brain, increases concentration and attention.

  1. Do tricks

There are many ways to teach children physical activity so that they do not even suspect it. For example, if you are traveling with a child to a mall, park the car away so that the child can walk a long distance. If she loves animals, invite her to walk the neighbor’s dog. Do not consider yourself a liar, think that you are doing all this for the welfare of the child.

  1. Understand the reason why the child does not like to play sports

The child may not like to stay sweaty after exercise. Maybe her peers are joking about her on the sports field or she quickly has shortness of breath. If you know the real reason why your child refuses to play sports, it will be easier for you to find a solution. If you can not understand the reason, consult a child psychologist.

  1. Start small

Experts say that children should exercise for about an hour every day. But that doesn’t mean they need to talk about it. If a child thinks that a 30-minute workout is too much for him, he will not play sports.

Instead, invite your child to exercise as much as he or she feels comfortable, even for 5-10 minutes. The main thing is that she set a goal and achieved it. When a child is able to do at least a small amount of exercise, he or she will be proud to have been able to do so. This will inspire her to new goals and achievements.

  1. Play sports with the whole family

Instead of watching weekend movies with the whole family or going to a pizzeria, you can go for a bike ride or go to the climbing wall. Invite your child to choose from a few activities that involve physical activity, and see which one he or she likes best. Children want to do what they are interested in – and they are like adults.