6 courses for you who want to be the best at what you do

No matter what role you play, success is ultimately about being yourself. To use your strengths and take advantage of your

6 courses for you who want to be the best at what you do
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You are not born a manager, project manager or HR person. With self-insight, courage and education, you develop in the role.

No matter what role you play, success is ultimately about being yourself. To use your strengths and take advantage of your development opportunities.

How to build a secure and valued leadership

There is no right way to lead. Becoming a good manager is about finding YOUR way to lead. This is exactly what you get to do in the Certified Leader program - a management training in three parts. You analyze yourself as a leader, gain knowledge and tools to build strong teams and practice practically on the coaching leadership. The connection to your own everyday life runs like a common thread throughout the education. This means that you get important work done during the training days - and that you lay a good foundation for your new knowledge to last for a long time. Win-win!

Become a Certified Project Manager

What is your superpower as a project manager? Sharpening your project management skills can partly be about learning new tools and working methods for better structure and flexibility. Partly about increasing your skills in leadership - that is, how to make a group work, feel good and perform in the best way, even during change. That, and a little more, you get to learn and practice in the program that makes you a Certified Project Manager.

Practical training for more successful projects

Taking a course in project management can give you the little extra power needed to drive projects all the way to the goal. In the training Project management in practice, you get, with the support and coaching of our awesome trainer, to work practically with your own project. During the training, you will learn, among other things, to lead projects to success at the appointed time, and how to do to get everyone in the group to steer towards the same goal.

 Learn to lead successfully without being a manager

As a manager, leading the work forward is both fun and difficult. Leading without being a manager can also be fun, and sometimes even harder! The key is to understand what motivates others and how to make the group work well. And to equip yourself with both knowledge and self-confidence. A good way to move forward is to ask your boss and your employees (and why not yourself?) What expectations they have of you. Write them down so you can return to them when everyday life spins fast. And book in for an education where you get support in developing based on your specific conditions. For example, Lead without being a manager - which you can do remotely or on site.

Get clear results from your HR training

What do you need to work on to develop a stronger and better culture in your business? A culture that attracts, develops and retains the right talent? Working with human resources - HR - is a fantastic way to help others grow while you yourself develop. In this training in HR, you get to learn, and practice practically, tools and methods in everything from conflict management to salary mapping. You get to take part in the latest findings in HR and are coached by an experienced trainer who has worked with human resources. In addition, you produce a checklist for systematic work environment work and practice different types of communication.

Training in change management

Best tips for successful change management: Communicate just the right amount, start doing (one thing at a time!) And focus on the positive. In change, your most important role as a manager or change leader is to give your employees the conditions to do their very best. Practical training based on current research in the subject you get in our education Change Management. One of our previous participants expresses that she "received an injection of competence". See her tell more via the link.