50 push-ups in 30 days - take the challenge!

in addition, push-ups accelerate metabolism, increase bone mass and improve circulation, so don't wait any longer, take

50 push-ups in 30 days - take the challenge!

Performing 50 push-ups in 30 days is a process that will significantly change your abilities and physical appearance, in addition, push-ups accelerate metabolism, increase bone mass and improve circulation, so don't wait any longer, take the challenge and make a change in 30 days!

If you want to change the appearance of your body for the better, this challenge is just for you. It's about doing 50 push-ups in 30 days! It's time to put your stamina, strength and your ability to beat yourself to the test.

This challenge will not only give you a great body that everyone dreams of, but it will also bring you tremendous health benefits. Keep reading this article and let yourself be convinced!

Push-ups are an exercise that uses your own body weight. It is used in various trainings, such as crossfit, calisthenics or military training. Push-ups work different muscles such as the pectoral muscles, triceps, trapezoidal muscles and isometrically also the abdomen. Are you ready for 50 pushups in 30 days?

 Where to start to do 50 push ups?

There are some guidelines that you must follow in order to complete the 50 push-up challenge in 30 days. This is to ensure its effectiveness, as well as maintaining your training dynamics, which will motivate you not to leave the challenge halfway. To get started, keep the following aspects in mind:

  • You should have a full day to rest: you need to rest enough for your muscles to recover from your workout. Also, one day a week (it could be Sunday) should be a full day of rest. This way you will avoid overtraining and give your muscles a rest.
  • You need to do 50 push-ups, no more, no less. Regardless of whether you are doing other exercises in addition to push-ups, it is important that you maintain the same number for 30 days. If you do less you won't see results, if you do more you tire your muscles.
  • Warm up before doing push-ups. Never start push-ups without warming up first. Starting exercise without warming up can cause cramps, muscle tension, and soreness.

Feel comfortable

So remember that there are 50 pushups that you have to do until 30 days pass. This challenge does not exclude anyone, that is, it is not necessary to have great physical ability to be able to do this. You just need to find a way to get comfortable so that there are no problems with doing 50 push ups.

You can divide 50 pushups into two sets of 25 or 5 sets of ten. No matter how fast you exercise, do push-ups at your own pace. There is no point in doing 25 pushups in a row if they are badly done, it is essential that you always do them carefully and correctly.

To prevent those 30 days from becoming a tedious routine or boredom, it is recommended to vary the style of push-ups. We'll show you some variations that you can implement in these 30 days:

50 push-ups on the knees

This type of push-up is great for those who are just starting out or don't have enough strength yet. Their implementation is very simple. Keep your hands and knees flat on the floor and keep your body straight.

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Then, in this position, bend your elbows until you are very close to the floor and stretch to return to the starting position.

Traditional pushups

We all know traditional or basic pushups. The same ones they teach us in physical education lessons at school. You can practice this push-up by starting with a plank or a knee push-up.

It's important to learn traditional pushups first so that you can then perform other, more complex pushups.

To perform this exercise, your hands must be shoulder-width apart and your palms resting on the floor. Your whole body should be upright and your legs fully extended. In this position, bend your elbows until you almost touch the ground, and return to the position you were in when you first started.

Push-ups supported

Elevation push-ups require strength and balance, especially at chest and shoulder level. To make them, you will need a support in the form of a bench or a chair that is not too high.

Place your arms on a chair and position the rest of your body as if you are about to do a traditional push-up. Be careful not to lower your hips too low when doing push-ups, and tighten your abs and buttocks.

50 T-shaped pushups

T-shaped push-ups work simultaneously on the oblique abdominals and arms. To do this exercise, position your body as if you are going to do basic push-ups and do one push-up.

On your way back, raise your right arm and turn your torso towards the raised arm. Return to the starting position and repeat the same with your left hand.

Now that you have different pumps at your disposal, you can change them and make modifications. Thanks to them, you will get everything your body needs to improve its appearance and physical fitness.

50 push-ups in 30 days will be the challenge of the month that will give you the impetus to do even bigger things. With effort and persistence, you can achieve anything!