5 things that will make it easier for your child to learn distance learning

seemed to be a song of the future, and a very distant one at that. Therefore, hardly anyone was prepared. child to learn distance learning.

5 things that will make it easier for your child to learn distance learning
5 things that will make it easier for your child to learn distance learning

Until a few years ago, remote learning seemed to be a song of the future, and a very distant one at that. Therefore, hardly anyone was prepared. child to learn distance learning.

Until a few years ago, remote learning seemed to be a song of the future, and a very distant one at that. Today, online lessons are a reality for students and¦ it can stay that way for a long time. Therefore, make sure to equip his study station in order to ensure his comfort and eliminate technological barriers. Here are 5 things that might come in handy.

Perhaps your home already has a laptop - today it is the basic equipment. But is it a computer for the exclusive use of a child? If not, now more than ever it's time to change that. Why? The answer is simple: even if you use your computer little, you may need it during your child's remote lessons. The opposite situation may also happen - that you will work remotely on the computer and the student will have to do, for example, homework. Therefore, it is high time to invest in a notebook for a young person.

Which device to choose? This decision should be made wisely, taking into account that the laptop should work reliably for at least several years. Therefore, an investment in a used device or the cheapest model on the market may simply be wrong.

Which laptop should you choose for a student?

First of all, pay attention to the technical parameters. The most important elements are:

  • Screen diagonal - a remote learning laptop will be used mainly at home, so it is worth choosing a larger model, e.g. with a 15.6-inch screen,
  • Screen type - laptops with touch screens are becoming more and more popular. This additional feature can be very useful, especially when the device can be converted into a tablet,
  • Processor - the most popular are i5 class processes that are suitable for home use, the newer generations will allow you to work without jamming, e.g. software used during videoconferences,
  • Hard drive - it must contain, for example, projects carried out by a child to school, but above all work quickly. Therefore, it is worth looking for a laptop with an SDD disk that will prevent long data processing,
  • Housing material - children sometimes scratch or drop electronic devices. That is why it is worth focusing on a solid and light construction. Therefore, a notebook with an aluminum casing will work best.

The purchase of the device itself is not always enough. Additional software is also often needed, office software necessary for work .


Although remote lessons are usually conducted on the basis of digital materials, Schools still do not come out of the analog era. In addition, there are certain types of exercises that cannot be performed on a computer or tablet screen. So there is a need to print them. In remote lessons, the student has to do it on their own, and teachers often ask for it. Therefore, a fast and economical printer is a must-have in a room adapted to remote learning.

Which model to choose? Laser or inkjet? The latter type of printers may be better for the student, because the devices themselves are relatively cheap, and the selection of appropriate consumables (replacements for the original inks) will also save money in the future. However, if the student is already a high school student and prints dozens of pages every day - then a laser device will work better.

When choosing a printer, it is also worth paying attention to:

  • Way of connecting to a computer - the most convenient are wireless models that communicate with a laptop via a home WiFi network,
  • Functionality of the device - a student may need a model with a scanner, and therefore a multifunction device.

And most importantly: before you buy a specific model, be sure to check what the expenditure will involve when buying inks / toner. If relatively cheap replacements are not available, look for another device.

  1. Headphones

Remote lessons take place at home. It is very common nowadays that when a child has classes, the parent works remotely. For example, he has to make important phone calls or hold a conference call in the next room. These are just some of the sources of noise to which a young person is exposed, who, after all, needs concentration. In order not to be distracted by outside sounds, he needs good quality headphones.

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Ideally, it should be an over-the-ear model - it is the most beneficial for the hearing organs. In addition, such headphones are comfortable to wear and have a wide range of adjustments.

And which model to choose? Today, wireless headphones are the most popular. During remote lessons, they will work very well because they will not restrict the student's movements - even if he or she has to leave the computer for a while. It is also worth choosing those that muffle outside sounds well and weigh little - remembering that they will be used for several hours a day.

  1. Microphone

Needed or redundant? It all depends on how good the sound recording quality the laptop provides. If the student has a new notebook at his disposal, most often the microphone is no longer necessary. It must be admitted, however, that a separate sound collecting device ensures it™s much better sound quality. This means that the teacher will simply hear the child better - which will provide both parties with greater comfort. Which microphone should I choose? Preferably a standing model that is easy to place on a desk, on a tripod. Before you buy such a device, check how it is connected to the computer and make sure that it has the correct socket.

  1. Ergonomic desk chair

Your child needed a good desk chair before the era of distance learning. Perhaps the old one needs to be replaced with new ones? This is the moment when it is especially worth considering investing in this accessory. Why? Because now the student will spend in it not 2-3 hours a day, and even about 8 or more. And if so, its convenience should come first.

And what specific chair should you choose? The aforementioned ergonomics is key, which means that the piece of furniture should:

  • Have a wide range of height adjustment - so that the child, sitting on a chair, can put his legs at an angle of 90 degrees to the seat,
  • Have the "tilt" function, slight rocking and leaning - which promotes the health of the spine,
  • Have an appropriate backrest - it is good to make it higher so that the student can comfortably rest the entire back,
  • Have wheels so that the child can move comfortably around the room.

Also pay attention to the design - let the chair fit the children's room and liven up its decor. The material is also important - a textile model will work better than, for example, eco-leather.