34 major technological inventions of the last century

The technological inventions of the last century have contributed to people's way of life. Some of these inventions are felt as space.

34 major technological inventions of the last century
The technological inventions of the last century have contributed to people's way of life. Some of these inventions are felt as space satellites,

The technological inventions of the last century have contributed to people's way of life. Some of these inventions feel like space satellites, mobile phones, and laptops. Others are intangible, like Google and Apple operating systems, and Bluetooth.

Many of them ingraine in modern societies that they do not see as technological innovations. This applies to the Internet and smartphones. Both inventions are of great importance in communication today.

The above aspect is one of the most outstanding features of technological inventions.

That is, they present in society as the latest technological advances, but over time they become common elements in human life.

Some of the technological inventions of the last century are the creation of Apple (iPod, iPhone, and iPod), the creation of Google (search engine, Google Maps, and Google Android), 4G network (which improves Internet connection in phones, computers, and tablets), Nintendo console video games DS and Nintendo Wii, programs such as Skype and Spotify, as well as some devices such as TiVo, Smart TV, digital cameras, tablets, and artificial satellites.

List of technological inventions of the century

1- 4G

In 2008, the International Telecommunication Union set the standard for the fourth generation (4G) network.

Access to Internet4G is much faster than 3G. Thus, the speed of navigation increases in smartphones, computers, and other devices.

2 - Amazon Kindle

Kindle reader of digital books launch Amazon in 2007. By this date, other digital readers, much more sophisticated.

However, Kindle has managed to beat Sony in the market by offering much cheaper services and integrating them with your digital store.

3 - Apple iPod

The iPod was released by Apple in 2001. Before this release, there were already portable MP3 players. However, the iPod showed a breakthrough because it was accompanied by iTunes software.

In addition, the device equips with a large capacity of internal memory, which causes the displacement of CDs and cassettes.

4 - Apple iPhone

This iPhone was launched in 2007. This mobile phone was the first smartphone with a touch screen to become popular on the market.

The innovations offer the presence of iOS (Apple operating system) and the fact that the screen could control with a finger (without the use of a touch screen handle).

5- Apple iPad

In 2010, Apple released a tablet: iPad. It was not the first tablet on the market, but it gained popularity among the masses due to the success of other products of the company.

Thanks to competition between Apple iOS and Android, the new iPad models dedicate to large companies that are replacing computers.

6- Bluetooth

Technology that supports Bluetooth existed since the '90s, but in the early 21st century it had implemented in phones and computers. If you remember first company to use this tool was Ericsson.

This technology is useful because it allows you to send data wirelessly from one device to another without the need for an Internet connection.

Initially, Bluetooth was designed only for cell phones, but today it can find on almost any device: from headphones to refrigerators.

7- Blu-Ray

Blu-Ray is a CD storage system that has emerged in the last decade and replaced the DVD on the market.

The advantage of this technology is that it allows you to store 25 gigabytes or more of information on a single drive. In this way, it improves the quality and quantity of videos and images that the company can offer to its users.

8- Digital cameras

Digital cameras have replaced photographic cameras. One of the most notable is that it eliminates lengthy development processes, as files can print on photo paper on a regular printer.

In addition, most mobile phones include digital cameras. This allows you to share photos instantly, which is not possible with roll cameras.

9 - Canon EOS 5D Mark II

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is a camera launched in 2009. This device has become an important milestone in the history of photography, as it is the first D-SLR for recording high-definition video.

10-Cinema 10-4DX

4DX is a South Korean technology implemented in the world of cinema. This system allows cinematic presentations to be much more interactive, including the impact on the environment.

These effects include rain, fog, traffic, and certain odor stands. All this adds audio and traditional video, which leads to high-quality products.

11- Smartphones

Mobile phones, mobile phones, or smartphones are one of the most important inventions of the century. They have revolutionized the way people communicate at a distance, reducing the waiting time between messages.

Cell phone communication is instantaneous, so it contrasts with old methods such as mail.

In addition to improving communication, these phones offer other tools: from Internet access to video games.

As for mobile phones, it is necessary to highlight the creation of smartphones or smartphones. These are devices that combine the functions of a regular cell phone with the functions of a laptop. Today its use is widespread.

12 - AbioCor artificial heart

In 2001, the AbioCor artificial heart was sold for the first time. Unlike other prototypes, this heart feeds on itself.

This means that it does not require the connection of cables or other devices that may increase the risk of infection.

Despite the benefits of the AbioCor artificial heart, several surgeries have been performed in which this pseudo-organ has been used.

13 - Curiosity

The Mars Science Laboratory, better known as Curiosity, is a space program launched in November 2011. This program consisted of launching a rover to the surface of the planet Mars.

This vehicle has the function of restoring samples of Martian soil and photographing the environment.

This mission is a major technological and scientific advance, as it seeks to demonstrate whether life on Mars is possible and if this planet was inhabited.

14 - Google

Google is a company owned by Alphabet Inc. This company is dedicated to offering products and services related to the Internet and software.

The main services associated with this company are the thesis search system, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Chrome, and YouTube.

15- Car without a driver

Google has not only created an Internet search engine but has also dedicated itself to developing other useful tools for its users. An example of this is a car / driverless car.

This project, which was piloted in 2012, is still under development and is expected to be implemented on a large scale in the coming years.

Tesla has already sold thousands of cars with this feature and in fact, they are already used by their customers.

16 - Google Android

In 2008, Google launched Android. Thanks to the success of the iPhone in 2007, Google needed to launch an operating system that could compete with iOS.

Android was created as an open system used by certain digital cameras. But in 2005, Google bought the program and changed it. The result is Android, which we know today.

The Internet is a network that is responsible for connecting computers to an information system. The basis of the Internet is building relationships through hyperlinks.

20- Laptop

Laptops - laptops. They are smaller than desktops and much more practical.

21- LED lights

LED lights (LED) are a type of electric light that is more efficient than incandescent and phosphorescent lamps.

This type of luminaire does not need heat to switch on at maximum power. They can be white or colored.

22 - Microsoft Xbox Live

Developed in 2003, the Xbox Live console was the first device to connect a TV to the Internet. Xbox Live allows you to download additional content for certain games, such as new levels and special weapons.

Shortly after its launch, the services offered expanded. Thus, the ability to make video calls was included.

23- Mouse with built-in Bluetooth

The mouse was invented in 1964 by Douglas Engelbart. Since its inception, it has been changed in such a way that it adapts to current needs and responds to the achievements of that time.

In this regard, the latest advancement on this tool is the inclusion of Bluetooth. This system eliminates the need to connect the mouse to a computer via cables or removable devices.

24- Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox was created in 2002. This tool is an important milestone in the history of the Internet because it was the first search engine created after Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

However, nowadays Chrome is much more used by Google's search engine.

25- Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS is a portable game console. She appeared as a replacement for Advance Game Boy. It was one of the first video consoles to use the touch screen in addition to the command keys.

26- Nintendo Wii

In 2006, Nintendo created a console that allowed gamers to become physically involved in video games: the Nintendo Wii. Wii controls control movement in three dimensions, offering more interaction than conventional controls.

This console is not only entertainment but can also be useful when performing cardiovascular physical activity.

27 - Light steel

In the middle of the 20th century, the Steel Lung machine was created. It aims to facilitate mechanical lung ventilation for people with respiratory problems.

This machine works due to pressure. The human body, except for the neck and head, is enclosed in a steel chamber.

Eventually, the chamber begins to manipulate the air pressure, reducing it and gradually increasing it. All this makes the patient's lungs able to inhale and exhale air.

28 - Artificial satellites

Artificial satellites devices are designed to keep them in orbit in space, flying around a celestial body. The launch for various reasons: improve the signal of telecommunications, get photos of space, among others.

Artificial satellites have a useful life. When this is over, they can stay in orbit, or they can disintegrate.

29 - Seiko Thermic Watch

Thermic Watch makes from the famous Japanese company Seiko. These watches are different because they do not work with batteries, but with a warm body.

The human body at rest produces 100 to 120 watts of energy, which is enough to make many electronic devices of any homework; for example, a laptop requires 45 watts.

For its part, the Thermic Watch only needs one-millionth of a watt (one microwatt) to ignite. Although this is a brilliant idea, the company released only 500 units of this watch before stopping its production.

30- Skype

Just as cell phones have changed the way we communicate, Skype has done the same. This tool was created in 2003 and has since allowed calls and video calls at no extra cost than an online service.

Initially, Skype was only available for desktops. It is now also available on smartphones and TVs as an app.

31 - Smart TV

Smart TV or Smart TV is a technology that integrates the Internet into TV devices: TVs, decoders, players, DVDs, Blu-Ray, video game consoles.

32 - Spotify

Spotify is a free music playback service created in 2008. During this time, downloading pirated music was at its peak, so the creation of Spotify meant an alternative for those who wanted it for free.

This service offers two options: be an independent user or subscribe. As an independent user, music playback may interrupt from time to time to free up advertising space. You can delete ads with a subscription.

33- Tablets

Tablets or tablets are a type of laptop that consists of a touch screen. They are similar to a smartphone but larger. Some may work with your fingers, while others require the use of a stylus or pen.

34 - Youtube

YouTube was developed in 2005, and today it has become the most popular video page to date.

This site owes its popularity to the fact that everyone can download their videos for free. In addition, many users prefer it because it offers audiovisual recordings of all kinds: news, politics, entertainment, among others.