3 reasons to choose a career in customer service or sales

3 reasons to choose a career in customer service or sales
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Working in customer service or sales means you meet many people and play an important role in the company's survival and success. The job is both challenging and rewarding - and provides you with knowledge you will benefit from in your future career.

Are you considering a career in customer service or sales? Good choice! Both areas are strongly linked to CX (Customer Experience), which has been a hot topic of conversation in recent years. A large part of today's communication takes place digitally and the employees therefore have a great influence on how customers perceive the company, which is crucial for the business. When you work in one of these areas, you are not only the face of the company, you also get to know a lot about the customers. Information that can later be used in business development, marketing and other departments within the company.


Even if a part-time job only gives you some insight into the profession, you are guaranteed to benefit greatly from your experience later in your career “ regardless of what you choose to study.

Sell ‹‹yourself and your ideas

Sales experience is attractive according to today's employers. The knowledge you acquire during your time as a salesperson will help you both during the job interview itself and in many other situations in life.

When you work in sales, you are the driving force in both conversations and physical meetings, where you need to sell yourself and your ideas. There are countless situations at work and in everyday life where it is important to be able to speak up for one's cause - for example when you have to present an idea or opinion in an understandable and convincing way.


Similarly, the customer service profession is often about solving problems and presenting a solution that ensures the customer remains loyal to your company. Turning an unsatisfied customer who wants to leave you in favour of a competitor into a satisfied customer who is happy to recommend you to others is an important and highly valued skill.


Learn how to do business

As a salesperson, your contribution to the company is quite obvious. It's well known that it's more expensive to find a brand new customer than to keep an existing one, but whether your job involves acquiring new customers or making sure existing ones remain loyal, you contribute to the company's survival and success.

A job in customer service or sales gives you a basic understanding of business processes and entrepreneurship. You have regular contact with customers, the IT department, suppliers, the purchasing department and many others, which means that you get an insight into how a company works and how the different parts of the organization are connected. In addition, you will gain practical experience in business economics and learn about pricing, profitability, profit and other important factors.


Communication and conflict management

When you choose a role in customer service or sales, you learn about both psychology and leadership. It is a form of practical competence you rarely learn in school. You also get the opportunity to develop your communication skills. This is by learning to better understand and manage people and adapt your communication to sell a product based on the customer's background, needs and requirements. It's not really that different from how you adapt your communication when you want to collaborate better with a colleague, manager, friend or partner. People who work with this often become quick-thinking problem solvers who are good at conflict management. And who doesn't want to fit that description?