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Tom Hanks Reveals His Bald Look for Elvis Presley Biopic

Tom Hanks Reveals His Bald Look for Elvis Presley Biopic
Tom Hanks Reveals His Bald Look for Elvis Presley Biopic

Tom Hanks has just appeared virtually on the Graham Norton Show on Tuesday. The actor is now 64-year-old and talked about the host of Graham Norton about his latest film role and he is not very happy about how is looking currently for the current part. He is currently starring in the upcoming movie about Elvis Presley. He has received a horrific haircut for the portrayal of Elvis’s manager. He showed off his haircut and called it horrible as he did not want to look that way.

He then joked about how his haircut has scared the children and apologized to viewers home as well. Hanks on his appearance in the British Show is not the first time he ever sported a short hairdo. The Oscar award winning actor talked about his opening monologue for Saturday Night Live with a first at home episode back in April. Hank’s hair had been growing a while after he had shaved it.

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He talked about it saves time in the shower, so he is happy about that. He also joked about how his haircut makes him look like someone else and how he would just need a beard and look exactly like Graham Norton. Norton who is now 57 years old joked about how Hanks could play him in his biopic. He talks about how that is his gig now and he can play real people in show business as well.

The Elvis bio pic was halted in production after Hanks and his Wife were both tested positive for COVID 19. The couple moved to the United States and then later went back to Australia in September to return to resume production on a film as well.

The Forrest Gump star also came on the episode of Today and talked about his experience of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and how they are currently waiting for it and will be getting it long after they think everyone who deserves the vaccine will get it.

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