Now use Hardware Security Keys for Twitter on iPhone and Android

Now use Hardware Security Keys for Twitter on iPhone and Android
Now use Hardware Security Keys for Twitter on iPhone and Android

Twitter has just announced that accounts that were protected with security keys that were of hardware form can now use their mobile devices to login to the website easily. The website had already integrated hardware security keys in 2018 which are physical security keys that are put in place of other authentication options such as a text message or an application. They are small keys that can fit inside your key chain and make some types of hacks almost impossible even if they have your username and password in their account.

However, the biggest issue Twitter was facing was the fact that users who used the website on mobile as well could not use their hardware security keys to login due to an outdated protocol being used by the website. Well, Twitter just changed their protocol to allow such interactions to take place. Twitter has always recommended high-profile accounts to use security keys to stop them from being hacked by individuals who wish to get into their account.

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Security keys can also be used by common individuals who just wish to keep their account secure. Currently, almost every major site in the world has allowed options to access hardware security keys as a valid method of  authentication however mobile versions of keys and their access to websites is still a long shot due to its obscure  user base and the general lack of interest shown in the technology by individuals who are not as tech savvy or not so concerned about their online security. However, this is bound to change as more people get educated about the dangers of cyber hacking in general and how important it is to keep your data secure and protected at all times.

The Hardware Security keys are currently available from brands like Google which offer their Titan series of keys that allow both mobile and PC users to access Twitter without the need of any alternative authentication methods as support has recently been added for the aforementioned physical key system and structure.

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