Best universities in the World

Best universities in the World
Best universities in the World

The best Universities in the world are rated by independent ranking organizations that put them against each other to figure out and conclude which one they feel is the absolute best. Most if not all of these universities are located in Europe or North America mainly concentrated in areas such as the US and the UK. Other universities are also of course quite prestigious but these universities make the top of their list due to the quality of education present there and the overall atmosphere and facilities these particular universities provide.

In total, about 94 countries are represented in the particular best universities in the world ranking. The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the UK and generally the most well known in the world as well. It has more than 20,000 students and about 95% of Oxford grads are employed 6 months after completing their studies. Placements of course are extremely competitive while the university is known for its huge foreign body. Stanford University is located in the US and has arguably led to the creation of the Silicon Valley in the region.

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Around 19 Nobel laureates are present from Stanford University and are affiliated with the name of it. The campus is absolutely huge and it houses about 7000 undergads and 9000 post grads. It has a huge university research of 1.22 billion dollars as well. Harvard University has gotten back its rank after being at number 7 for a while. It has raked in the third position and is the oldest university in the United States. It is home to many Nobel Laureates and Pulitzer prizewinners. Harvard is esteemed for its research and the general history surrounding the place.

All of these universities are excellent places to go for when trying to attain a higher education. They have extremely selective admission processes and are quite expensive as well. However, if you are extremely extra-ordinary you will be able to get admitted into these prestigious institutions. After that, you will easily be able to employed in top firms around the world no matter what degree you pick up.

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