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Will masks become a mandatory part of our lives post COVID?

Will masks become a mandatory part of our lives post COVID?
Will masks become a mandatory part of our lives post COVID?

Masks are a mandatory part of our life due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Surgical masks to KN95 masks to simple cloth masks are all used in this pandemic to combat against the spread of the virus. These have quickly transformed into fashion accessories for many due to their luxurious designs available for a lot of people. However, the question arises, will wearing masks be the new normal in a post-COVID society or will it be gone in a few days. masks become a mandatory part of our lives post COVID.

Currently, it feels like masks are never going to go away and it feels hard to imagine a world without masks. However, it is quickly being seen that in countries where the pandemic is almost over and where there are no 3dxcnew chances of infections happening, most people have ditched their masks in favor of going to back to normal. This is due to many several reasons.

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Firstly, masks are uncomfortable, they hinder breathing as that is what they are designed to do and discourage breathing from the mouth. This leads to a lot of people who have issues breathing from the nose feeling fatigued and tired much quicker than usual. Moreover, it has led to a lot of people that cannot see the facial expressions of each other when interacting whether that might be in classrooms, business meetings or general day to day chit chat.

Moreover, people view the mask inn itself as a sign of the pandemic or as a sign of fright or illness. Whereas the lack of this mask is seen as a sign of victory or success or freedom. So, humans have felt increasingly caged due to the pandemic, most cultures and societies cannot get back to normal.

In this state of normalcy, most include the lack of masks as one of the key factors. This has led to many societies completely abandoning the mask as soon as they are not needed. Therefore, it is likely to say that masks will not become a mandatory feature after COVID is finally stopped.

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