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The Sinister is the scariest horror film ever

The Sinister is the scariest horror film ever
The Sinister is the scariest horror film ever

It’s a question everyone talks about during ghost season: what is the scariest movie we can see? Which film will petrify us, make us jump off our skin and curl up under a pillow or under a blanket. Sinister is the scariest horror film ever

According to a new study, 2012 Nasal Nightmare is Doctor Strange’s Scott Derrickson answer with Ethan Hawke.

The study stems from the Science of Scare broadband selection experiment, in which 50 people were provided with surround sound in 120 hours of horror film. “Each one is equipped with a heart rate monitor to measure which movies bleed the most. Find the best horror movies” and a crown of kings on a gruesome night. “

Sinister had the best results with an average heart rate of 86 beats per minute during the film, a 32% increase from a resting rate of 65 beats per minute. Its terrifying jump also yields a jump of 131 bpm.

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Insidious and The Conjuring are in second and third, and Hereditary and Paranormal Activities are in fourth and fifth. From the sixth to the tenth, Next, Spell 2, Babaduk, Descent and Visit are used as acronyms.

In the biggest frightening heart rate jump, Insidious came top with a jump of 133 beats per minute, followed by Sinister and The Exorcist 3 (the final fear of jumping is one of the most famous).

While Derrickson’s film takes first place, director James One has three films in the top 10 with Insidious and both spells. Reuters 

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