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Nukeproof Mega – An overview of one of the best bikes in selling

Nukeproof Mega – An overview of one of the best bikes in selling
Nukeproof Mega – An overview of one of the best bikes in selling

The Nukeproof Mega has been on store since 2009. It has been on constant development to meet the demands of riders and customers around the globe. The bike has been designed aerodynamically in order to optimize and improve its weight and stiffness.

Due to this, the Mega Carbon frame, a trademark of the company features woven carbon fire frameset front and rear triangle. The new carbon swingarms found in the cycle helps reduce the weight on the ear of the bike. Again, the Mega is available in both 29” wheel sizes and these frame designs are tailored around each wheel size.

Nuke Proof Mega cycle have won the Enduro World Series in 3 years due to their all new design. Their suspension is fitted with their new Kinematics design which let’s sit be more subtle whilst remaining progressive. The Anti-Squat technology is used to create pedaling bikes that can be rode through any terrain. The range is also widened to allow cyclists to tune their suspension.

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The Enduro Nukeproof Mega 290 Carbon. The Nukeproof Mega 290 has a new Carbon Chassis and as mentioned before has improved kinematics. It has new geometry and can also fit a water bottle inside the triangle. The frame is suited for aerodynamics and is much better for weight distribution. The cycle in itself comes in two variants, Frame Only, RS, Factory and Elite. All of these variants feature custom improvements for the specific customer niche. These include better shocks to almost no shocks and forks. The front wheel tires are fitted with DT Swiss variants except the frame only which gives you freedom to customize the cycle to your own regard.

All in all, the Nukeproof Mega 290 carbon has been a stable in professional cycling since many years and this variant is no exception for its pristine cycling career.  The weight of the cycle ranges from about 14.7 kg to about 3.82 without the frame. The cycle has extremely good saddles and also offers a comfortable ride.

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