Can you ever be sure that the food you order online is healthy?

Can you ever be sure that the food you order online is healthy?
Can you ever be sure that the food you order online is healthy?

Ordering food online has become the norm in the 21st century. After the rise of the pandemic with most eateries being closed down. People have resorted to order food online on websites or apps such as FoodPands or EatOye to satisfy their cravings.

These food companies while some may be of high-quality restaurants such as Mcdonalds or KFC, most come from rather unknown eateries and places where your never really sure about what you’re going to get. This has created an issue in the local news and worldwide where in times where safety is everything, is it really worth the risk to order food online where you have no idea how it’s made?

Online food ordering apps and companies have established numerous directives and protocols in order to ensure the standard of their operations. However, as they have no real control over the restaurants and just act as mediums between the customer and the restaurant, it is quite hard for most to keep these directives in check as more and more companies are leaving this app in order to get away from their ridiculous profit-sharing policies companies like Foodpanda have acquired in the middle of the pandemic.

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This means that if a customer was to order food from somewhere, if it was a rather unknown restaurant, there would be no check and balance to ensure that the food he is eating is actually up to standards established by local authorities. This is greatly concerning for people who rely on takeout and delivery food as their primary method of nutrition.

The government has ensured that food licenses will be created for online only restaurants and that proper SOP videos will be shown to customers and regular inspections will take place. However, this has yet to be seen and people have reported numerous accounts of food-poisoning and other food related hygiene diseases from these joints which brings up the question of their health in the first place. Therefore, it is quite easy to say that you can indeed never be sure if the food your ordering online is actually healthy or not.

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