How Digital Mirage Changed Youtube

How Digital Mirage Changed Youtube
How Digital Mirage Changed Youtube

Youtube, the well known video streaming platform, free for content creators to come up and post their talents for the world to see has always been known for reviving dead trends and even creating new movements. Youtube has been used for multiple charity events over the years and almost every other charity event has gone incredibly well. We can say that the YouTube community is super loyal to the platform and keeps coming back for more almost every single day. That said, during the past couple of months Youtube family has missed most of their favorite producers and boy were we in for a treat.

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Digital Mirage, an online movement started off with a bang keeping one and only goal in mind; bring the music back to the community. Every other Dj starting from Porter Robinson stood up for the cause and started live streaming his DJ set for free. Every song from Shelter to latest releases were made part of the stream. Other DJ’s followed the trend with San Holo, Gryffin, Said The Sky, Dabin, Kaskade and many other music producers started playing their DJ sets live on stream with reminders to follow before due dates.

This was honestly the best gift these hard working music producers could have given us keeping in mind how COVID-19 has badly affected every sector including the music industry. San Holo played his fan favorite “Show Me” live on stream whereas Gryffin introduced his latest music through Youtube featuring the legendary John Martin. Thank you Digital Mirage for making quarantine bearable.

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