An Honest Rant On Pakistani Cinema

An Honest Rant On Pakistani Cinema
An Honest Rant On Pakistani Cinema

Pakistan is creative, no question or doubts about that however, Pakistan lacks the necessary platforms to uplift creativity, fund the needy and actually make a business out of creative ideas. This plague carries on forward from our everyday routine to our industries and a plague does spread like wildfire. An Honest Rant On Pakistani Cinema.

Pakistani Cinema is one of those industries that needed saving when the time was right however, when deserving talent noticed no hope or a helping hand capable enough to help them through initial transitions, many of them gave up. Has this always been the case with Pakistani cinema and theater? No, we have some masterpieces in Pakistani Cinema that were published in international theater as well. Likes of “Khuda Ke Liye”, “Bol”,”Waar” and many more underrated cinema fruits exist.

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As of now the situation has gone from bad to worse, we are releasing films that are not even ready to be released yet, unfinished, no proper endings and all. I remember walking out on “7 Din Muhabbat In” right after 15 minutes because it just was unbearable at one point. Pakistani Cinema? If your very own population thinks of this regarding the budget and energy you put into making a movie ? how do you expect the international media to even notice your existence? This being said, Pakistani Cinema still has the potential, i believe we have talent that can surpass every actor known if given the right movies. No one wants to see the same actors in 15 continuous movies and actually spend tickets on them. Let’s hope our entertainment industry revives itself because as of right now, it is actually a need.

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