A Guide To Surviving University Life

Transitioning from School life to College life is one of the best experiences one can live in. Having spent all the time scared during school, it is like there is a free bird inside you unleashed after being caged for many years. Being irresponsible in college life is totally normal and acceptable moreover encouraged by many. Students like to spend their time giving not a care in the world about the consequences they might face due to college rules and other issues. College life ends fast, you feel like the best part of your life was nothing more than just a regular blink you would’ve never committed if you knew it would end. A Guide To Surviving University Life.

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Now comes the hardest part of your life, University. New people, new faces everyday and new teachers who have no idea what the word “politeness” means. Thrown in a cage of hungry lions, you are their unpaid laborer for the next four years. Surviving university is the hardest since you never know what hurdle will tomorrow bring on to you. It can be an unannounced assignment, a pop-up quiz from your least favorite teacher or just a random scold for passing a pen, side note, no one has a pen in university so keep spares if you can.

For some people University is a free dating ground where there are literally no restrictions to anything you do, no one to answer to and nothing you are responsible for. Just spending four years studying until midnight knowing you have to wake up as early as 7:00 AM in the morning.

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