Early Age Brain Damaging Activities

Early Age Brain Damaging Activities
Early Age Brain Damaging Activities

Human brain is the most sensitive part of the body, open to everything you feel, everything you desire and experiences get thrashed inside as memories are bound to stay with you till the end of time. It is scary and beautiful as a whole considering how people dedicate their lives towards the study of the human brain dedicated to bring out the most out of the research as possible. It is a scientific research which states that the human brain is at its most vulnerable when it is in a developing stage and that stage is when a teenager just starts learning and experiencing life. Early Age Brain Damaging Activities.

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There are two paths to follow at this age, one leads to devastation and destruction whereas the other path leads to simplicity, positivity and just a better vibe out of everything you see. There are some activities that can be prevented during your teenage years to prevent permanent scars / brain damage or memories that might just haunt you for life. One activity is to prevent the use of social media as much as possible. Social media is a sea filled up of colorless water that just drowns you inside of it with nothing to offer.

During your teenage years it’s of utmost importance that you keep your company as limited as possible, the less the number of people around you, the better it is for you. During this age, cigarettes, easily available drugs just grab your attention but staying away from bad habits that can damage your brain permanently is important. It is better to maintain friendship with someone older than you who can advise you during your age transitions.

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