Tell Your Children About Plants

A scientist has proclaimed that not having enough greenery in our environment is one of the main causes of stress levels and depression is rising amongst youth. There is a reason why we do not feel the fresh air we read about in our science books during per-school, why things have just changed, nothing feels rotten anymore and everything just gives you a negative vibe. One of the main reasons why we have just stopped caring about greenery, plants and the environment is because we feel mother earth has given up to. Tell Your Children About Plants.

This is the time to understand how mother earth actually survives on the fact that we care about it, protect it with all we have and plant more and more. It’s like you are missing the tree to the branches, there are no natural resources, not until we leave earth without any resources of any kind. Teaching children at this very moment in their lifetime about how plants carry and play a major role in our lives is necessary, without a doubt a mind of a child is subject to learning whatever is taught.

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Teach your children how plans improve overall air quality and humidity levels around your house, the vibe plants set off is directly linked to how people around plants feel about staying calm and focused, reducing any discomfort or ailment you feel in the environment, just looking at plants can help one feel more productive and creative. Plants care about us but, how much do we give back ? Start returning and mother earth gifts twice the benefits back.

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