How Can We Help Our Teachers In This Pandemic

How Can We Help Our Teachers In This Pandemic
How Can We Help Our Teachers In This Pandemic

This pandemic has indeed caused trouble to almost every sector around the world, daily wage employees and even salaried individuals had to face severe consequences such as going through potential layoffs, experiencing low income for months, facing multiple reasons to just quit their job without any reasons and so much more. One industry that was just spat on with every ounce of negativity converted into a pile was the Pakistani Educational Sector and is still without a doubt suffering the worst of consequences. An industry that relies severely on students’ fees just got shut down without any notices.

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At this very moment, our precious teachers who have always dedicated both their time, their abilities and their passion towards our betterment are struggling for food and basic household needs since schools and educational institutions thought it best to either straight up fire half of the workforce or induce high end cut offs in their salaries thus, resulting in them literally begging for mercy both from the government and All Pakistan school association.

Teachers, who have earned our eternal respect, need our help the most right now and they need it now. Considering the government takes no step in the coming month or reigning authorities do not come up with some relief package for the teachers, it is upto students to help and listen to their teachers in every way possible. Children should take it to their parents, inform them of their teacher’s situation and come up with something productive, this is a dire need right now.

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