Redmi Note 8 Pro Receives MiUi 12 Updates

Redmi Note 8 Pro Receives MiUi 12 Updates
Redmi Note 8 Pro Receives MiUi 12 Updates

MiUi 12 is the next and better upgrade from chinese smartphone tycoon xiaomi, the update first surfaced back in 2019 taking Xiaomi’s twitter handle, facebook page and their instagram profiles by a blast. Old xiaomi users know how the brand stands second for the word innovation and is well known for bringing out the best when  it comes to being creative towards user usage and providing an overall better experience dedicated towards making the phone a user demand, number one priority among other brands and something to be talked about. Redmi Note 8 Pro Receives MiUi 12 Updates.

Xiaomi thought it best to start releasing their updates in multiple phases dedicated to multiple phone brands at a single time. Some well known MiUi 12 upgrades over its predecessor MiUi 12 is the ability to modify the operating OS, customize the system up to its kernel level bringing out various much needed features like the Dark Mode 2.0, AI calling, Animated screen transitions and much more.

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Almost every latest gen Xiaomi phone is set to receive their latest update, take complete control over customizable phones and play with the operating system as much as possible. Major features that are a part of the latest MiUi 12 release are as follows: –

  • User Health Tracker
  • AI Phone Assistant
  • Better Security
  • App Drawer
  • Super wallpapers featuring Mars and Earth
  • Classic MiUi themes but with better quality
  • Smooth animations

MiUi 12 has started rolling out in batches and Xiaomi predicts the end of their latest rollout by August so if you have not received your updates yet, you are on the invite list, don’t worry.

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