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Supreme Court Youtube Ban

Few days ago news started circulating around social media regarding a ban being initiated on Youtube via supreme court. The news quickly went viral scattering and covering most social media forums resulting in quick responses from those concerned in both violent and polite ways but, most of them were surely violent. Banning YouTube in the middle of the year 2020 literally means that you are still living back in the nineteenth century, your goals, ambitions and much more is nothing more than a simple ban click for the agencies and this cannot be the end of the story, this is not how we are going to let the court decide what streaming service we can view and what we cannot.

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It is quite an easy task for reigning authorities to just initiate the ban hammer onto a streaming service that is literally the bread and butter of more than hundreds of families. Considering how easy it is for the government to circulate news regarding a ban on a streaming platform that they know is home to many students who are unable to go through the conventional schooling system because of limited resources.

Everyday we see the government raising awareness regarding entrepreneurship, how can money be circulated within Pakistan, multiple ways to bring in dollars to Pakistan and much more but, when it came to getting rid of a single book that does not belong here, authorities decided to burn the whole library. YouTube ban has not been imposed yet and it should not progress further no matter what happens. It is baseless.


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