MNA Alamgir Khan’s Advice To Make Education Better

MNA Alamgir Khan’s Advice To Make Education Better
MNA Alamgir Khan’s Advice To Make Education Better
“Better late then never “ few days before an educationist Mian Riza ur Rehman we’ll  know for his vast educational experience shared his views with team and other platforms
and it was not late that MNA Alamgir Khan, mostly known for his role in his very own personal campaign Fixit took it to the parliament yesterday and stated some straight facts about how the school and education system in Pakistan can be made better and produce the necessary reforms required right now. Alamgir has been working as the founder of Fixit for quite some years now. His main purpose behind building and establishing his NGO is to educate common pedestrians regarding cleanliness and how they can play their part in saving the city.

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Speaking during a parliament session, Alamgir stated how he was furious that well known MNAs and MPAs have their children schooled privately. He said he wants the children of Government Officials to be forced into Government schools and imposed to have their children study there.  He cleared out his agreement stating how In Sindh alone, more than 6 Thousand schools have been closed down resulting over 60 Lac students deprived of their basic educational rights. He said that our children need to sit along a common child, only this way will we be able to mend this broken education system we have. The MNA argued about how there are no drinking water services in most of the schools he has been in for random inspections.

Alamgir pointed fingers directly towards a few MNAs saying how the schools in their areas are just a jungle right now, there are no students enrolled and everything is just a complete mess. Alamgir has already submitted a resolution addressed directly to the house and has raised voice regarding educational justice like no one ever has yet.

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