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PTA Bans Another Major Application

PTA Bans Another Major Application
PTA Bans Another Major Application

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has been on the verge of working violently against anything threatening the meaning of Pakistan, as a country, as a culture with no questions asked. Few weeks ago PTA took the local headlines by force when the authority placed an unforeseen temporary ban on PUBG Mobile, the infamous battle royale game now known for taking over four Pakistani lives. PTA did not provide a detailed report indicating why the game is being banned suddenly with no heads up notices whatsoever. A portion of the population stood with the government’s decision to ban the game, afterall saving children addicted to the game meant more than the game itself. PTA Bans Another Major Application.

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Tencent Games, a chinese gaming publisher well known for their games issued a statement stating how it was just immoral of Pakistan to ban their game without any notice. Players who spent in gae and real money to purchase PUBG battle pass took it to social media demanding PTA to either unban the game or refund the money they spent on the game uptill now which seems highly unlikely. PTA’s first statement on the matter was how the ban is temporary however, since a few weeks have passed now there seems to be no update on the matter from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Yesterday, PTA hit the ban hammer on another well known app famous for vulgarity and another unethical home for free content with no one to look over, BIGO LIVE. Another chinese app where users go online, earn coins and followers with no restrictions to follow. PTA issued a warning to TikTok in the same press release stating that this is the final warning, TikTok users must mend their ways or else the application is next on ban list.


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