Netflix Unsolved Mysteries

Netflix dropped another classic reboot onto their streaming service a few days ago. The series is called Unsolved mysteries and is directly linked to the classic TV show going by the same name. The series gained hype in just a matter of hours with 6+ IMDB ratings rated by 50k+ users respectively. The series takes you into a dark realm where you as a watcher try to dig deep inside your mind thinking how the events you are watching turned out, their possible outcomes and how things should have ended. Netflix is well known for letting their users play with possible situations and think of results by themselves.

Netflix Bandersnatch, a spinoff for the famous Black Mirror series is another Netflix original that lets the watchers decide the fate of the storyline and how it ends. This type of technology is called Interactive Cinema however Unsolved mysteries plays with you a little differently. The series makes you sit back comfortably waiting for a murder, a UFO abduction, Supernatural sighting or some other unnatural phenomenon and leave you on a cliffhanger. Psychology says, if someone is left on a cliffhanger with respect to a show they really liked, it is highly likely they will go out to seek answers whether it is on the internet, during a friends hangout or a public forum.

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Unsolved Mysteries is streaming on Netflix right now with only one season upto watch for now. The directors and producers have shown keen interest in releasing more seasons gathering phenomenons from all around the world even authorities or domain experts cannot explain how unfolded and took place leaving no trials behind.

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