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Degrees Are Earned With Knowledge Not Money

Degrees Are Earned With Knowledge Not Money
Degrees Are Earned With Knowledge Not Money

Knowledge is something you acquire, make it a part of yourself and consider it a part of your soul for times to come. Now there are two ways an individual gains knowledge whilst driving on the road of education. One is to just pass it on like just another deed and consider knowledge an optional part of your life. Assume an entrepreneur who deals in material objects but is enrolled in an Information Technology degree program, it’s just a complete no no for the business as his main priority shall always be building up their dream wagon and lay a foundation of their career.

Now if given an opportunity to either buy a degree for themselves or go through a complete four years cycle thus leading to a degree, there is a high chance the businessman opts for buying the degree. Since now, a degree is not an essential requirement of life, it’s just a trophy you are going to store in the back office somewhere never to be taken out again. The value of a degree in Pakistan is far more than what our graduates are offered as their salaries and this is the exact point where students today consider buying a degree instead of investing time and mind in it.

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The only way to stop this chain of fake knowledge priests and educationists that consider giving more time and money towards gaining fake educational pieces of paper that literally mean nothing when it comes to professional life is if the Government of Pakistan raises a graduates worth both at industry level and also allow a graduate to make decisions of moving abroad solely on the basis of the degree they hold.


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