Have TikTok witches really have their hexed on the moon?

Have TikTok witches really have their hexed on the moon?
Have TikTok witches really have their hexed on the moon?

The magical world is destroyed when WitchTok – yes, TikTok witch – tries to calm the moon after some experienced teens nail down the moon. This is wicca, no, no, and according to other magicians, the pay will be high. Have TikTok witches really have their hexed on the moon.

We know that that is enough to be taken. But because fear and scorn appear in the wizarding world and the words “Moon Shakes” will likely block your Twitter show, it’s good to explain why everyone is afraid.

The most important thing is that WitchTok teenagers are not ashamed of themselves: TikTok elders guard their identities, but make rumor videos. Sixteen is bad news because, as you can imagine, the moon is very strong.

“You have made your own grave, good luck,” read WitchTok TikTok by @chaoticwitchaunt which has nearly 400,000 followers. “The gods are not by your side.”

While some people are worried about what might be revealed in 2020, @chaoticwitchaunt alleviates fear by saying that the sixteenth won’t work, because it’s almost impossible to mess with the moon (ah!). However, the moon – and the associated god Artemis – will be very angry.

“The gods will take care of it,” he said. “They are not hurt, they are only annoyed. They will not bear the childish stupidity of all humanity.”

Fu for us, bad for teenagers!

However, if you need a little context, a wizard on Twitter (unfortunately Twitch is already included) @heyyadoraa writes a topic explaining that shaking is a serious business and not something young people should play. Witches, let alone against something as strong as the moon.

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“Hexadecimal is basically a mantra that is a collection of negative energy and is aimed at someone, something, or a group of several other things,” they wrote. “They are said to have a negative effect and cause HARM for them and their lives.”

The moon “gives power to the witches” and the gods – especially the brothers Artemis and Apollo – are going crazy. Apollo, the god of health and medicine, is not someone you want to be fucked. What will happen to these teenagers? Maybe only a lifetime of curses will affect his line forever.

But that’s not all. These teenagers really messed it up: apparently they even tried to touch the fairy, the Celtic character you might know as a fairy. That’s a very bad move.

“It’s important to note that only humans do not obey human morals because they are not human beings,” they wrote. “Morality is a human construction. Honest people are not inherently evil, but they have different habits from us.”

“But if they are chaotic, who is a baby? You have tricks for the rest of your life and maybe curse the bloodline! If you are lucky, they might steal your soul too.”

According to The Cut, other WitchTokkers say that the demons are very angry now. And to make matters worse, there were also rumors that these witches were planning to throw the sun. Sun!

But it’s all worth it because Twitter turned the sixteenth drama into a new meme that some wizards felt was very rude. They also want attention from lame media, so I hope it’s important.

Find some of our favorite reactions below and light a candle if you want to calm the moon on behalf of this WitchTok teenager. Who among us does not see the craft as a child and does not do anything stupid without learning the moral of the craft? Reuters 

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