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TikTok Ban, Necessary or not?

TikTok Ban, Necessary or not?
TikTok Ban, Necessary or not?

TikTok previously known as is a famous Chinese application available on both iOS and Android operating systems for free. The application was launched a couple of years ago dedicated to content creators and individuals that can display their talents to the public. The application follows the same infrastructure as Instagram does, one gains followers by posting videos that slowly lead up to likes and maybe a couple thousand of more followers. Once you gain popularity on the app, regular users have reported multiple cases of sponsors reaching out to them for a paid activity on the platform. TikTok Ban.

Tik Tok is famous for content but, one of the hard hitting flaws about the application is how there are limited community guidelines of the application resulting in massive violations most of the time. People have seen underage children flaunting around with toy guns pretending to shoot each other, there are creators who prefer dressing up as the opposite gender and dance for their followers and much more. Pakistan is a part of the TikTok extravaganza and has been a victim for far too long now. Starting from children carrying mobile phones around all the time recording videos on vulgar background music up till vulgarity being common on the platform.

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A few days ago DIG Operations Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad took notice of the religious and ethical violations occurring on the application and decided to issue a media statement himself stating he shall be asking internet providers from all around the country to ban the app. The head of operations further asked parents to play a vital role in helping his petition to ban the application.

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