Why Education Sector Is Affected In Pandemic

Why Education Sector Is Affected In Pandemic
Why Education Sector Is Affected In Pandemic

The day Wuhan reported it’s first coronavirus patient until the time when WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic, things escalated quite fast for every sector. IT sector, daily labour, small / large industries everything had to put to a halt. With no notices, the globe stood still, economies collapsed and things seemed highly unlikely to ever come back on top. There is still no promise for hope at the end of the tunnel however, be sure that light will come soon and things will be back to normal. There is one sector out of all that depended on gatherings solely based on diversity and how everything depended on interactions, The Education Sector.

Talking about Pakistani education sector that was finally on track, the pandemic struck. Education had to be shifted online with complete restrictions on gatherings and no decided dates on institutes reopening anytime soon. This meant cancellation of exams which did happen, Education ministers had to take the hard road and cancel every scheduled exam in the country promoting every student onto the next grades. Private schools however, opted the strategy to ask students for assignments, assessments on the basis of which students shall be promoted.

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Government has not announced any relief packages for the Educational sector which has now resulted in school owners coming out on roads asking reigning authorities to provide enough funds to keep their employees intact. The Education Minister, today announced reopening of schools by 15th of September however, it seems highly unlikely since daily cases in Pakistan have declined but the surge still continues.

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