Computer Science Education In Pakistan

Computer Science Education In Pakistan
Computer Science Education In Pakistan

Around a decade ago, the only thing worth finding and pursuing as a career was either medical studies or engineering related to any field of study and it was a common practice since jobs for the mentioned did exist in abundance. Pakistan took its time in recognizing the importance of computer science education in our lives however, better late than never we are right on path. Pakistan now has a government department dedicated towards building a future in Information Technology with core focus dedicated to cyber security. This means alot for young computer enthusiasts that are willing to pursue careers in computing and logic building.

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Computer Science education in Pakistan is not an easy road to drive onto. Being a computer scientist myself, it’s fair to say that four years of computer science studies were probably the hardest but, there is something quite fruitful if you wish to study computers. First up is algorithms, pretty straightforward, sometimes complex but, computer science depends on your ability to understand and build algorithms. Mathematics carries potentially the biggest part out of all in computer sciences so if you did win Kangaroo competitions back in school, feel obliged to go for computer sciences.

The roadmap for computer sciences in Pakistan is very similar to that being taught in european countries which means there is a high probability you can find a livelihood elsewhere. Computer Science is a safe degree, jobs in computer sciences will never come to an end. That is for sure, the subject area is so strong and active when it comes to research standards that it is highly unlikely to ever fade away.

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