Serving Schools Association demands Relief Package for Teachers and Education Sector

Serving Schools Association demands Relief Package for Education Sector
Serving Schools Association demands Relief Package for Education Sector

The Government of Pakistan announced lockdown a few months ago considering all SOP’s to be taken into consideration, closing down industries and sectors completely with no notices. Industries that were closed back then did not only suffer business losses but were sure to never recover once things settled down and that is exactly what happened. Industries did not only lose their man power but complete businesses with no way out. How things will ever come out on top is another debate but, for now there are industries at hand that are right now actively suffering because of the lockdown. Education sector of Pakistan is on the top of the list right with potential business ending threats that can result in a near collapse. Serving Schools Association demands Relief Package for Teachers and Education Sector.

With every institute around the country closed down, following SOPs and maintaining social distancing where necessary, maybe the Government completely forgot about the workers appointed in multiple institutes. From higher school professors all the way to school guards things have been much more harder on them than they could ever be on us altogether. These teachers who were on minimum payrolls already have been completely cut off from respective organizations. Pakistan has seen massive numbers of layoffs where people are still unemployed and have received no helping hand from anywhere whatsoever. This is both alarming and sad, considering how our future depends on these teachers educating our youth today to become leaders of tomorrow.

To make things easier for parents, which is highly appreciable, the Government decided to cut off more than 20% of school fees during the lockdown with no focus towards institute workers. HEC and the Education Minister of Pakistan conveyed a portrayal of the education sector being considered an integral part of the upcoming budget however, there were no such amends made towards making it easier for institutes. At this very moment, there are workers that belong to the education sector pleading over social and print media asking the Government to consider their well being when they decide to make these massive decisions.

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Chairman  Serving Schools Association Pakistan Muhammad Ikram khan spoke to today asking the Government to either open up institutes ensuring every institute follows SOPs or provide institute heads with relief packages directed towards the education sector.  Vice Chairman, Salman Maqsood-  President, Mian Riza Ur Rahman- SVP, Gulzar Ahmad, collectively stated that it is now impossible to retain school employees with no revenue earned. Institutes have been closed for more than four months now and there is no news of reopening anytime soon, this should be taken up to the reigning authorities and they should take the concerns into consideration. The concern was further elaborated with Serving Schools Association stating their opinions summarizing how it will be upto the government for making no decisions when there was time and Education Ministers are to be blamed for teacher layoffs.

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