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Student arrested for allegedly threatening to bomb Konami

Student arrested for allegedly threatening to bomb Konami
Student arrested for allegedly threatening to bomb Konami

Konami, the company behind Castle Vania, Metal Gear Solid and alot more trend setting games production houses is in the news once again. Yesterday Konami made the news with the lowest downfall in their stock price uptill now when the stock market witnessed a point fall of about 1.2%. The company’s founder Kagesama Kozuki stated that after gaining Konami Sports Club Co. as their subsidiary, the main hub has seen potential declines in their stock prices further providing proof of concept when the founder provided more listings on their current trade positions. Konami further owns major casinos and multiple health clubs all over Japan that go by the same name. Student arrested for allegedly threatening to bomb Konami.

The company was trending all over digital media once again today when a student in Tokyo was arrested for threatening to bomb Konami Headquarters. Konami was carrying out a PES Mobile Review event when the student made treacherous remarks regarding the country and how terrorism is possible wherever you are. The student further posted comments on the App Store Review section for Konami’s latest “PES Mobile”. Cyber security of Japan managed to track the whereabouts of the student and arrested him on sight declaring the teen a potential threat.

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The 16 year old stated that terrorism is possible in Japan, and said “I will blow up Konami Headquarters and kill everyone who works at Konami”. Based upon a police report the student claimed that he lost temper over PES Mobile connection issues which further made him post such comments. Japan is already shaken due to the attacks carried out in 2019 at the Kyoto Animation arson, and is now taking all precautions whether they are based on mere baseless threats.


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