Blended learning; advantages and disadvantages

Blended learning; advantages and disadvantages
Blended learning; advantages and disadvantages

Blended learning has its own pros and cons. We need to see if the disadvantages of merged learning outweigh its advantages or not. Blended learning enables the teachers to manage erudition of larger groups. One of its aspects involves instruction in traditional setting, however, other aspects comprise of providing pupils learning materials as well as online assignments. While learners complete online materials, teachers have to do less work and then they can relax. Assisting pupils with assignments is another advantage of blended learning.

Another benefit of this type of learning involves participants studying at their pace. As students attend face-to-face classes, they can either learn faster or slower than other participants. In either case learners can take time because the fast learners don’t need to wait for others to catch up. This saves them a lot of time. Those who are completing any course and also doing regular job have the benefit of greater flexibility in making a decision about their schedule.

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Other rewards of blended learning include the requirement of less classrooms and fewer coaches. Teachers and learners do not have to spend their time in commuting and that means spending less money all around. For learners and employees involved with company trainings blended learning is a proven learning that is far more engaging than old-style learning.

However, the absence of a regular classroom environment acts as a source of lack of motivation on learners’ part. A blended learning model may not be suitable to all age categories or organizations. Likewise, the teachers do not consider what approach will work for different students according to their reading level. Expecting young children to complete homework on their own while preparing lessons on computers may not actually work as it is hoped. Similarly, employees in the habit of working manually may dislike sitting on computer for long.

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