History of National University of Science and Technology

History of National University of Science and Technology
History of National University of Science and Technology

National University of Science and Technology was established in March 1991 to promote higher scientific education in the country with a vision to change how academics change individuals into students and students into industry specialists. A merge between Military and Civil educational resource, NUST became the largest composite college in Pakistan. Granted with an ISO certification right from the start, resulted in over 1500 students enrolled over 26 departments.

NUST as of today is a new-age university defining new parameters in teaching and research. In 2019, NUST proudly held 246th place among the top 500 universities from 54 countries, according to the CEO WORLD magazine making it the only Pakistani university in the list.  Currently the university has 7 working campuses in Pakistan, Islamabad H-12 campus being the central one, rest in Risalpur, Karachi and Rawalpindi. Different schools, NBS (NUST Business School), NICE (NUST institute of Civil Engineering), SEECS (school of Electrical engineering and Computer Science), to name a few, are offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in various disciplines. Beyond student and faculty exchanges, NUST has established strong and reputable linkages with foreign universities and institutes.

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NUST surpasses the standards of campus life in Pakistan, by providing students with numerous hostels, transport services within and outside campus, cafeterias, GYM and medical dispensaries. Students graduate with not only reputable degrees, but the clubs and societies run by student councils aid in character building and personality growth. NUST also offers a variety of sports activities and continues to be one of the finest choices for students of today, and leaders of tomorrow.

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