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Hand Sanitizers are safe to use again and again

With the COVID-19 outbreak that was erupted in Wuhan, China, World Health Organization has been actively working on finding out and constructing positive yet implementable fixes for the virus that can be adopted easily and rapidly. These protocols include social distancing and daily cleanliness is advised alongside it. COVID-19 has given birth to cultural norms and practices that we never thought would be a part of our daily lives and affect our routine. Hand Sanitizers are safe to use again and again.

The organizations actively working on finding out cures and safety protocols to this virus have conducted various studies on how the virus is transmitted from a person to another thus infecting both. It was found out that the most common source of the virus transmission is through touch and physical contact of any kind. This eradicated an existing cultural norm that most thought would go with us until the end is that of Shaking Hands. The sudden change in practices gave birth to theory of washing your hands every fifteen minutes in order to avoid transmission of the virus from your hands to open canals such as nostrils. However, carrying a soap everywhere is not practical moreover, the world health organization has recommended the use of alcohol in order to completely eradicate the virus.

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The use of alcohol powered Hand Sanitizers is now a common practice among nations. However, a rising theory concerning the side effects and safety related to hand sanitizers is booming these days. We are here to break it out to you that hand sanitizers are composed of 70% Alcohol, Soap and fragrance. All three of thee components display zero signs of side effects thus using a hand sanitizer is completely safe and can be used again and again. Cleanliness is necessary in order to stay safe during this outbreak.

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