Google CEO On Why Hardware is tough for Google

Google CEO On Why Hardware is tough for Google
Google CEO On Why Hardware is tough for Google

Google has been on top of the tech chain for not a couple of years now but for decades that have followed the tech giant and their journey to the top. Google has always been known for their risky plays and stepping into new fields of industry faster than nay other tech giant could. From a widely used search engine to mobile phones and now gadgets envisioned to make life faster and easier for users all around the globe, Google has done it all. Google CEO On Why Hardware is tough for Google.

Couple of weeks ago when Google Pixel made the news of a few new incoming features and started a roll out, there were reports regarding the updates being unstable. Quickly turning the tides around the update was rolled back before it could have made an impact on the Google’s loyal users. This meant an official statement from Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and the CEO did exactly just that.

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Speaking to the Verge, Sundar Pichai quoted that hardware has always been hard for Google and the company is passing through hard integration phases right now. These phases instead of going progressive have been going backwards because of the pandemic. Hardware requires special attention and picture-perfect integrations with Google software. Sundar stated that instead of going towards phones the company need to focus on where computer world must move forward, moreover his vision is formed up of software, hardware and services together. He stated that he is deeply passionate about affordable phones and plans to come up with a normal Google series soon.

Google statesman moreover quoted that it is hard for the company to yet say when do they plan on rolling out the affordable gadget series.

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