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Summer destinations in Pakistan

Summer destinations in Pakistan
Summer destinations in Pakistan

Pakistan has irrefutably longer summers as compared to winter spell which is short and lasts only for two or three months. The country observes humidity and heat that goes year-round and can be quite stressful for the inhabitants of plains. For those who crave to experience cool atmosphere and cold breezes amid hot summer, Pakistan offers multiple places that are worth-seeing during summer. Long summer season makes everyone want to escape scorching heat, soaring temperature and humidity. The temperature may rise to 50 Centigrade in normal days of summer thus making life hard for people. Summer destinations in Pakistan.

But the land of the pure has naturally beautiful sites which are a must visit for every Pakistani. The famous Heaven on the Earth,Hunza valley is known for its massive beauty and spiritually calmsurroundings. Hunza is a mountainous region located in Gilgit-Baltistan. It is situated in the extreme north of Pakistan. Trip to the valley is a memorable experience for those who enjoy its   serene natural beauty. Khunjrab Pass near Pak-China Border, wildlife of the valley besides remarkable forts makes the valley a massive hot-spot for tourists.

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Another most visited place which is a hot favourite tourist destination for foreigners is Swat valley.The valley is known as Switzerland of Pakistan due to its immense beauty.Swat is located in Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Mild weather of the region allures tourists to explore gorgeous land offerings. Its landscapes, ancient architect,lakes and cultural treasures make it a place worth visiting.

Gilgit Baltistan has another attraction named Skardu, known as the coldest region in the country. The fact that makes the valley A must-go destination for travel lovers, the valley combines serenity, wilderness and beauty all at one. Skardu provides the connecting paths between highest mountain peaks of Pakistan.

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