Google May 2020 Core Update

Google May 2020 Core Update
Google May 2020 Core Update

The tech giant, Google has been actively involved with the marketing world. In the field of digital marketing nothing remains the same once you even blink your eye, the market is this rapid. Google introduced its search engine and has been releasing Core updates on top since the initial release. These core Google updates are released almost every year with reforms made to the previous algorithms and how the Google spider catches keywords and ranks a website.

However, the question remains, what exactly is the core update and what did Google change this time? The Google core update revolves around how user queries are better optimized on the Google search engine thus resulting in volatile yet authentic and to the point delivered results. These algorithms are based upon core machine learning concepts and studies made regarding the field of pseudocodes. Moreover, google core updates reflects its changes on mobile application releases as well. Since Google does not specifically focus on it is search engine only, the affected changes shift onto Google Play store and its relevant market as well.

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According to sources, the Google May 2020 Core Update shifted the algorithm in such a way that now it provides better results to user search queries and what users type in the search box. This changes digital marketing trends by miles. Specialists will not have to come up with new and improved tricks to address Google’s update. If you own a website that you believed was strongly optimized to be on top tier Google search results, we suggest you to re-rank your website as the Core May 2020 update might’ve changed not a few, but, a lot of things for the market.


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